“Let’s Dance” by Ekaterina Leonova?  What should Hasan Kifran do with it?  entertainment

“Let’s Dance” by Ekaterina Leonova? What should Hasan Kifran do with it? entertainment

“I want to marry the right man and start a family.”

I wanted for a long time Ekaterina Leonova (35) Special happiness, the beauty of “Let’s Dance” is now in love. According to BILD information, you must be a millionaire Hassan Kifran (56) They are already engaged. The businessman is supposed to keep ikat handy – but they say he also has another side that you own. He would like to be with her all the time and is considered jealous.

︎ According to BILD info, Hasan Kifran must want Ekaterina’s quit from “Let’s Dance” so that she has more time for him and love. So he has a problem with Ekaterina dancing in skimpy costumes in front of an audience of millions. FRIEND TO BILD: “He’s very traditional, and can get jealous quickly. He would have preferred ikat to stop at Let’s Dance.”

It is said that Ekaterina was engaged to Hassan Kifran. The German-Turkish businessman was until recently the president of the football club SV Turkcuku-Ataspor Munich

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The beautiful Russian left her employer: Leonova quit the SIM communications agency in Munich. In 2021, I moved from Cologne to Munich especially for the job, working as Director of Marketing and Communications.

Sim’s spokesperson Sebastian Kopp told BILD: “Ekaterina has been a huge support to us in marketing and communications… Ekaterina told us she wanted to focus more on her career in public. We have a lot of understanding for that, we regret her resignation and we remain in friendly contact.” We wish Ekaterina all the best for her personal and professional future.

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Ekaterina posted her withdrawal from the agency Monday via her Instagram account, writing that the “numerous TV formats, workshops and dance training” are hard to reconcile with the job. The picture is white: Ekaterina Leonova She gives private dance courses at a dance school in Munich and was last seen on TV in the Saturday 1 show “Stars in the Manege”.

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In addition to her fiancé Kifran, she also accompanied her mother to the circus show rehearsals. Now that the filming of “Stars in the Manege” is complete, the professional dancer is enjoying her free time in Munich with her beloved mother. Mother and daughter are very close.

As Bild learned, Ikat’s mother must be excited about her son-in-law. This is how Hasan Kifran conquered a mother’s heart. However, he probably wouldn’t have the favor of Ekaterina’s fans if she actually abstained from “Let’s Dance” for his sake.

An RTL spokeswoman was keeping a low profile when BILD asked her, “We will announce in due course which professional dancers will be a part of the upcoming ‘Let’s Dance’ season.”

Hasan Kifran did not respond to Bild’s request.

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