“Let’s Dance” 2023 on RTL: All Nominees and Professional Dancers

“Let’s Dance” 2023 on RTL: All Nominees and Professional Dancers

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from: Jonas Arbas

Starting February 17, 14 celebrities will dance again to claim the title of “Dancing Star” on “Let’s Dance.” Here is an overview of all the nominees and professional dancers for the 16th season.

Cologne – GNTM Award Winner, Star Chef, Former Bachelorette, YouTube Icon – The list of celebrities RTL will be competing in ‘Let’s Dance’ from February 17 is as diverse as it is notable. Our overview shows the celebrities and professional dancers who will take to the dance floor in the 16th season of the entertainment show.

Address display Let’s dance
release years 2006-2007, since 2010
first broadcast April 3, 2006 on RTL
moderation Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski
Power point Strictly Come Dancing (BBC One, UK)

A Profile of the 2023 Let’s Dance Candidates: Model Power, Favorite Series and Internet Stars

She involuntarily (and indirectly) made headlines early on: Anna Ermakova, 22, exiting Boris Becker’s 55 “broom affair,” wants to get rid of the poster that was assigned to her due to the circumstances of her conception. The young woman has already gained experience as a model. Now she takes part in “Let’s Dance” – perhaps also to improve her rudimentary knowledge of German. The 22-year-old spent her youth in London.

Boris Becker’s daughter, Anna Ermakova, has already achieved her first successes as a model, and now she might lay the foundation for a promising TV career with “Let’s Dance” © Nicepix.world/Imago

Chrisanthe Cavazzi (34) has been part of the permanent cast of “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” (as Laura Weber or Laura Lehmann) since 2017, but he has also acted in films (“Men’s Day”, 2016). In 2018, she married fellow actor Tom Beck (44). Her husband can now keep his fingers crossed on “Let’s Dance.”

Let's Dance: Chrisanthi Cavazzi
Usually a regular on RTL in the series ‘Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten’, Chryssanthi Kavazi is now trying out ‘Let’s Dance’ © Future Image / Imago

Despite her young age, Julia Beautyx (23 years old) has already made a name for herself in the entertainment sector: while still in school, she started a YouTube channel (2,350,000+ subscribers), which mainly deals with style topics. life. Now she is also active as an actress and singer.

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Let's Dance: Julia Biotics
Julia Biotics takes off on YouTube, but now she’s also active as an actress and singer. Her next career move: “Let’s Dance” © Rainer Unkel / Imago

Sali Ozcan, 34, has also made a name for herself thanks to YouTube, which primarily posted cooking and baking instructions from 2012, but then also turned to home and parenting advice. Her channel “Sallys Welt” (formerly “Sallys Tortenwelt”) has over 2 million subscribers. In addition, the qualified teacher has published several books.

Let's Dance: Sally Ozcan
Sally Ozcan conquered the web with her cooking and baking instructions from 2012. Now she’s swapping the kitchen for a ballroom © RTL / RTL +

2023 Let’s Dance Nominees Profiled: Star Chef, Favorite Comedy, and Best Athlete

Ali Gungurmus (46), born in Tunceli (Turkey) in eastern Anatolia, is a true heavyweight in the German culinary world. Not only does the star chef run several restaurants, but he has also appeared in a number of cooking shows (including “Die Küchenschlacht”, “Grill den Henssler” and “Kitchen Impossible”). On “Let’s Dance” he now swings the dance leg instead of the wooden spoon.

Let's Dance: Ali Gungurmus
Star chef Ali Güngurmoush also swings on the dance floor in lieu of the wooden spoon for once in February © Stephan Wallocha / Imago

Moroccan-German comedian Abdelkarim, 41, should bring plenty of momentum to Let’s Dance. The award-winning cabaret artist (including winner of the “NDR Comedy Contest”, the Bavarian Cabaret Award) regularly delivers top entertainment with cheeky sayings and well-thought-out punch lines in formats like “The Hot Show” and “Die Anstalt” or the Amazon hit “LOL: Last”. One Laughing”.

Let's Dance: Abdul Karim
Abdelkarim regularly causes laughter with shows such as the “haute show,” and he now hopes to impress with his dancing skills © RTL / RTL +

Artistic gymnast Philip Bowie, 35, has already competed in world and European championships, and now the Brandenburg native is looking for his next Let’s Dance challenge. He was already able to gain experience in the world of dance in 2016 with “Dance Dance Dance” (also RTL). In his native Brandenburg, he was awarded Sportsman of the Year in 2010 and 2011.

Let's Dance: Philip Bowie
Former gymnast Philip Bowie can also prove himself on RTL © Eventpress / Imago

As a professional handball player, Michael “Mimi” Krause (39 years old, including HSV Hamburg and Frisch Auf Göppingen) has a number of sporting successes: in 2013 he won the EHF Champions League with HSV Hamburg, and previously won gold with the German national team in the Championship World Handball in 2007. He ended his active career in September 2020. He found happiness in particular alongside YouTuber Isabel “Bella” Kraus – and thanks to Let’s Dance, he may soon be able to wow his loved ones with his dancing skills.

Let's dance: Michael
Does handball player Michael “Mimi” Krause have an edge with his impressive sports career? © RTL / RTL +

A Profile of the 2023 ‘Let’s Dance’ Candidates: GNTM Star, Klitschko-Ex, and Bachelorette

For Alex Maria Peter (25), the path to “Germany’s next top model” has definitely paid off: in 2021, the woman from Cologne won the 16th season of the ProSieben show, thus laying the foundation for her modeling career (for for Swarovski and Steve Madden, among others in Europe). Will she get her next TV win for “Let’s Dance”?

Let's Dance: Alex Maria Peter
Are you rushing from victory to victory? Alex Maria Peter has already won Germany’s Next Top Model and now wants to prove himself in Let’s Dance © Panama Pictures / Imago

Natalia Yegorova (48; formerly Klitschko) is a busy woman: The singer and activist, who married Vitali Klitschko in 1996 but has since filed for divorce, has been fighting for her homeland since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Your participation in “Let’s Dance” came as a surprise to many RTL fans.

Let's Dance: Natalia Yegorova
Very few people expected Natalya Egorova, singer, activist and ex-partner of Vitali Klitschko, to be a Let’s Dance candidate © Political-Moments / Imago

From 2018 to 2021, Sharon Batiste (age 31) was part of the daily soap “Cologne 50667”. A year after saying goodbye to the series, she was allowed to appear on RTL in “The Bachelorette”. The daughter of a German and Jamaican native is sure to delight the Let’s Dance audience once again with her infectious smile – and maybe dance her way into the hearts of the jury?

Let's Dance: Sharon Batiste
Sharon Batiste was allowed to perform as the single on RTL in 2022, and now the anchor is bringing her back to ‘Let’s Dance’ © Sven Simon / Imago

A Profile of the 2023 ‘Let’s Dance’ Nominees: Young Psychologist, TikTok Star, and King of the Internet

Psychologist and author Timon Krause (28) regularly amazes his audience with crazy tricks. The 28-year-old, who learned his skills in New Zealand, has already received important awards for his skills (including Dutch Champion Mental Magic 2014/2015). From February 17th, he must work magic on the dance floor.

Let's Dance: Timon Krause
Young mentalist Timon Krause already impressed on TV with his magical abilities, and now his dancing skills are in demand © Future Image / Imago

Younes Zarou (25 years old) has records on TikTok – he has two accounts at the same time: an international one (about 47 million followers) and a German-speaking one (about 3.5 million followers). The internet star, born in Frankfurt am Main, regularly has up to 100 million views with his videos. The 25-year-old is now conquering the television screen in the show ‘Let’s Dance’.

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Let's Dance: Younes Zarou
Younes Zarou became a star thanks to TikTok, and now he also wants to conquer the TV screens © Future Image / Imago

Jens “Knossi” Knossalla (36 years old) has become an indispensable part of the German-speaking world of YouTube (recently “7 vs. Wild”): the artist has been providing the best entertainment with live broadcasts for years and has also gained a lot of experience in the world of television (eg , “Late Night Berlin” and “Who Knew That?”). The 36-year-old is also active as a party singer. In “Let’s Dance,” he’ll keep his dance partner and the jury on their toes as a clown.

Let's Dance: Knosi
Jens “Knossi” Knossalla describes himself as the “King of the Internet” and would also like to feel comfortable on the throne of “Let’s Dance” © RTL / RTL +

“Let’s Dance” 2023: These professional dancers take part in the 16th season

  • Christina Aviation (32, from Thun).
  • Ekaterina Leonova (35 years old, from Munich)
  • Isabel Edwardson (40 years old, from Hamburg)
  • Katherine Menzinger (34 years old, from Vienna)
  • Maria Maxina (25, from Cologne)
  • Patricia Ionel (28 years old, from Hamburg)
  • Renata Lusin (35 years old, from Dusseldorf).

“Let’s Dance” 2023: These professional dancers take part in the 16th season

  • Alexandru Ionel (28 years old, from Hamburg)
  • Andrey Sebes (35 years old, from Stuttgart)
  • Christian Polank (44, for Ingolstadt)
  • Massimo Senato (42 years old, from Mannheim).
  • Vadim Garbuzov (35 years old, from Vienna)
  • Valentine Lusin (35 years old, from Dusseldorf).
  • Zsolt Sandor Cseke (35 years old, from Bremen)
Let's dance: the dancers
These dance professionals will take part in “Let’s Dance” in 2023: First row from left: Patricija Ionel, Valentin Lusin, Isabel Edvardsson, Vadim Garbuzov, Christina Luft. Second row from left: Ekaterina Leonova, Andrei Sipes, Katherine Menzinger, and Massimo Senato. Third row from left: Christian Polanque, Maria Maxina, Alexandru Ionel, Renata Lucín and Zulte Sandor Czech © RTL / RTL +

The couples, who is dancing with whom, will be announced as usual in the pre-show on “Let’s Dance” (February 17, 8:15pm on RTL). Then it’s time to train, train, train! Accordingly, the 14 celebrities are going to have a nerve-wracking week. Sources used: rtl.de, instagram.com/letsdance

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