Les Mills Happiness Ambassador wanted in New Zealand

Les Mills Happiness Ambassador wanted in New Zealand

June 28, 2023

Would you like to exercise for three months in New Zealand? Accommodation and return flights have already been explained. Then you might be an ideal candidate for the role of Happiness Ambassador for sports and fitness brand Les Mills.

on website The brand announces the following offer:

  • Round trips to and from New Zealand
  • Accommodation for three months
  • An adventure program created by Les Mills
  • Personal trainer from Les Mills
  • Workouts with personal trainers at Les Mills gyms

How dramatic should the ad be? Les Mills: Yes.

You know when you’re hanging upside down from the ceiling while working out, landing on pieces of glass and then having to jump over a wolf in a burning room? no? We do not. But that’s exactly how exercise shouldn’t feel. At least that’s what the Les Mills ad clip shows. Instead, exercise should elicit feelings of happiness and satisfaction. See for yourself:

How do I get the job?

The application is very simple and fast. In addition to demographic data, there are only two other questions that are important:

  1. Why does exercise make you happy?
  1. Why should you be the next Happiness Ambassador?

Zack! You are part of the selection process. Each person is allowed to log in exactly once. A total of two applicants will be selected for the program. The deadline for applications is Friday 21 July, 11.59pm New Zealand time.

Click here for the application form here.

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