Leonin: More Blu-ray Innovations in Q3 2021

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Leonin: More Blu-ray Innovations in Q3 2021

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In the third quarter of 2021, independent distributor Leonin Home Entertainment plans three more new high-definition films on Blu-ray Disc; this depends at least on the new distributor’s information. SquareOne Entertainment will release the comics on August 27, 2021 “Beautiful miss” (Belgium, France 2020) and Jim Locke’s Christmas horror movie “Killed – who will die next?” (USA 2020) Distributed by Leonine on Blu-ray Disc. The company’s crime drama will also be released on September 10, 2021 ‘Dry’ (Australia, USA 2020), Eric Bana. For all three versions, we expect the images on the Blu-ray Disc to be encoded in 1080p and AVC and with German DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio tracks.

Dry-2020- Newsbild-01.jpg

Leonin had previously confirmed the release of several new movies and series as well as back catalog titles on Blu-ray Disc in the third quarter of 2021. These include, among others. Palm Springs (Hong Kong, USA 2020) and “Daring” (Bulgaria, Great Britain, USA 2019) In July, action thriller movie Ramy (USA 2021), with Liam Neeson in the lead role, in August and gangster comedy “We can’t do otherwise.” (Germany 2020) and historical drama series Oktoberfest 1900 (Germany, Czech Republic 2020) in September 2021. The catalog will be made available again from August, for example at Peter Jacksons. Heavenly Creatures (Germany & New Zealand 1994), action movie, thriller In Hell – Unleash your anger. (Bulgaria, USA 2003) with Jean-Claude Van Damme to be released on Blu-ray. Below we have summarized Leonine Home Entertainment’s current Blu-ray lineup in the third quarter of 2021. While the July program should be largely overhauled, more titles could be added in August and especially in September. So we will keep you updated. (s)

As of July 2021 on Blu-ray:
As of August 2021 on Blu-ray:
As of September 2021 on Blu-ray:

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3 ratings with ø 2.67 points

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