Lena Meyer-Ebert has spent a year and a half working and traveling

Lena Meyer-Ebert has spent a year and a half working and traveling

Lena worked on a kiwi farm in New Zealand for six weeks. In December, it was midsummer and Lina tied up the leaves all day so the fruits would get enough sunshine until harvest (Photo: Exclusive)

Wesel district. Travel and work after graduation

After graduating from high school, Lina Meier-Ebert decided to learn about New Zealand and Australia through Work & Travel. Her family had concerns at first, but then they let her go. In general, I stayed for a year and a half. Today, says Lena, who is currently doing an apprenticeship at Sparkasse am Niederrhein, “I’ve had incredibly wonderful experiences that you can expand your horizons dramatically with common sense and confidence.”

Agency booked hotel room in Auckland and return flight tickets to us. “But it soon turned out that organization wasn’t really necessary, and today I’m going to book everything myself and save money in the process. I was going to find a show like Sparkasse’s business and travel site with valuable tips and a really good checklist, but unfortunately that wasn’t there in it.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . time,” Lena says looking back.

At the hostel she met Belinda from Berlin. The two meet and find a family by exchanging jobs, they should help out a little with them in the garden and with the family. Lena: “We can live and eat freely for that.” After five weeks they decided to go ahead and make money. They bought a cart and looked for a new job on a kiwi farm less than a seven-hour drive away. Lena: “It was December, and thus the middle of summer in New Zealand. The kiwi had not yet ripened at this time. Our task was to tie the leaves all day long so that the fruits had enough sunlight until the harvest.”

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The girls were making $900 a week, which was about 550 euros, minus the room, which was $200. They stayed six weeks. After Christmas, the two said to each other, “We worked and made money, and now we want to see something.” With their chariot, they traveled all the way to the northern end and then in the opposite direction to the south. Lena describes one of the highlights of the trip as follows: “We visited Tongariro National Park. The highest mountain there is probably known by many as Mordor from the movie The Lord of the Rings.” At the southern tip of the North Island, the young women decided to travel alone from now on. Lena wanted Get to know the South Island.

You take turns working in the kitchen of a restaurant, peeling what looks like a ton of potatoes and later moving to a farm. Recently, I rented a powdered milk factory and took trips every now and then. Nine months passed in a flash. The originally planned time for work and travel was over and the return flight was booked for a long time. Lena returned soon after to Germany, applied for a new visa and returned to learn about Australia after another two months in New Zealand. “I’m really glad I got involved in this time, it’s been amazing,” Lina says today, looking back. More information at www.sk-an.de/travel.

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