Leicestershire Police Experience with a new headscarf

“L”hajab Made of high-tech sports fabric, breathable, anti-bacterial, reinforced in some areas of the head, suitable for any police hood, easy to use with earphones, mics, covers, wraps on the shoulder and fastens with magnetic buttons, so that if some attacker wants to pull it off, it releases without harming whoever uses it.” One of its makers says so deep cumming, Senior Lecturer in Design at Massey University In New Zealand, it developed with Nina Weaver.

In fact, the headscarf is the one used by the New Zealand police, which has been brought to trial, and most likely will be taken into service by the police Leicestershire in the UK.

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President of the Islamic Police Association of Leicestershire, Yassin DesaiHe said: “If all goes well and the necessary tests and approvals are met, we can implement them in Leicestershire immediately.”

The representative also said that all UK police will likely adopt him as the Chief of Uniform. conditional agent victorious She tests her and her words are: “Once my Muslim colleagues on the front lines see me with this veil, he is likely to convince everyone to use it and it will also be a good example for all veiled Muslim women who are hesitant about that yet do not enter the body for the absence of the official veil for us women.”

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He continues, “The hijab is beautiful, comfortable, functional and you can feel its own texture, plus it’s trendy as well.”

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