China, New Zealand plane did not land for Taiwan references

China, New Zealand plane did not land for Taiwan references

New Zealand: China does not authorize the landing, and the plane from Auckland was forced to return

In recent days, a New Zealand passenger plane, traveling from Auckland to Shanghai, returned after a five-hour flight because it had not been given permission to land in China. “The technical details mean that the aircraft in question did not obtain permission from the Chinese regulatory authorities to land in the country,” the statement said. “In the middle of our flight, the pilot informed us that the Chinese authorities had not given permission to land on this plane and that we had to turn back,” a passenger told the New Zealand Herald.

Siege of China due to the transfer of travel documents to Taiwan

Now, however, the story takes on different features. The reason for the stop is related to the reference to Taiwan in the plane’s flight documents, in which the “Rebel” island was considered independent of China. Chinese authorities have asked Air New Zealand to correct the error in order to operate the flight. Thus, Stuff’s indiscretion overturns what was announced in recent days by the Wellington authorities, who spoke of the slight lack of technical certificates needed to travel to China.

Airlines and Taiwan, antecedents

But Taiwanese folly reveals that the issue is, once again, political. In recent months, many of the world’s most important airlines, from American Airlines to Air France to Lufthansa, have adapted to Chinese regulations to stop references to Taiwan as an independent territory by inserting different words in which the link between the island was. Beijing clear.

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Relations between China and New Zealand

The dispute was quickly resolved after Air New Zealand followed the example of other air carriers. A small incident, therefore, with the governments of both sides wanting to resolve it as soon as possible, also given the recent controversies regarding Huawei’s dropping from New Zealand’s 5g network development and some principles of intolerance in the region due to the increasing Chinese heroism.

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