Legislative 2022: Here the National Assembly seats will be dropped by the end of the first round

Legislative 2022: Here the National Assembly seats will be dropped by the end of the first round

together! He resists well but cannot cross the fateful 289-seat bar.

There is only one certainty: there will be no tidal wave for the En Marche candidates as in 2017, the evening of the second round, next Sunday. It will not be necessary to count on 350 deputies to support the policy led by Emmanuel Macron. But behind the new majority coalition, it must be noted that together! Hold up well. Majority voting in two rounds helped it give it a definite advantage in its central position on the political spectrum.

The absolute majority?

Despite the very strong push of the left coalition of the New Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), it has promised to give between 170 and 220 seats, seat together! However, the fateful 289-seat bar could be bypassed and once again obtained an absolute majority. It is attributed according to the first trends to the polling institutions, which must be taken with caution, from 258 to 298 seats.

The presidential majority is likely to obtain a relative majority. This means that she will have to learn how to handle her right, LR, UDI and many more suitable candidates. Which can get more than 50 deputies.

The ghost of coexistence recedes

By taking third place with about 20% of the votes cast, the National Rally will not be able to translate its good result into a number of deputies. But the far-right movement promised to form a parliamentary group. For this, he would have to go beyond the fifteen elected representatives. The RN should have between 15 and 30, which represents a strong return of the party in circulation.

5 years after the Macron tsunami, the reward for the winner has remained relatively. But the specter of coexistence fared deeply. Just like Prime Minister Jean-Luc Mélenchon hypothesis. Granted, the presidential majority is eroding, and many of its outgoing candidates were battered last night, but a vote delay would allow her to remain within the majority. On the other hand, the presidential majority is not sure that it has discretion. Answer Sunday, June 19 at 8 pm.

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