Israel: Will the Palestinian flag be banned soon?

Israel: Will the Palestinian flag be banned soon?

The Israeli parliament is currently debating the possibility of banning the Palestinian flag inside “state-funded institutions”.

In recent weeks, tensions between Palestinians And the the Israelis further intensified. The United Nations has even published a reportwhere you develop various proposals aimed at calm down relationships in West Bank.

But in recent days, new law A lesson in the Israeli parliament caused a scandal. provides forBan the Palestinian flag In some places in Israel.

What exactly does this law provide?

This law is implemented by the party “Likud”to which the famous Israeli politician belongs, Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the latest move to apartheid, the Israeli Knesset passed a bill to ban the Palestinian flag through so-called Israeli state-funded institutions.

– Tehran Times (@ TehranTimes79) June 9, 2022

Originally, the law forbade publishing Enemy Flags inside Institutions Funded by the State of Israel. However, during the parliamentary debates, the only flag mentioned was the flag Palestine.

No details have been released regarding “State-funded institutions”which remains calm waves.

The Palestinian flag: the first goal

As mentioned TV3Supporters of this law consider the Israeli flag to represent the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).Palestine’s libiration organisation), which they classify as “the enemy” Israel.

Eli CohenThe Knesset member said frankly about the Likud: “Who wants to live in the State of Israel, […] You must respect its symbols. Those who want to be Palestinians can move in Gaza or Jordan.

The consequences of this law are worrying

But this new legislation could inflame already high tensions in the region. In the Israeli parliament, Ahmed TibiMember of the Arabic list firmly Opposite For this law, which he considers a “A new attempt to erase the identity of the Palestinians.”

According to him: This law proposed by Likud is part of a campaign to increase Racism and the fascismAnd the attack on everything that is Palestinian.”

to caution: “The target is the Palestinians, They want to kill themThey want to go further.”.

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