Laurent Tapie evokes the "extremely worrying" health of his father, Bernard

Laurent Tapie evokes the “extremely worrying” health of his father, Bernard

One of Bernard Tapie’s sons said that his father’s health condition, who is currently in hospital, is “extremely worrying”. “I do not hide from you that the statistical opportunities when we are at this stage are terrible,” he added.

Bernard Tapie, who is being appealed in the controversial 2008 arbitration case, saw a deterioration in his health in his final days. The businessman, who for three years suffered from double cancer that appears to be gaining strength from week to week, is currently in hospital.

One of his sons, Laurent, said his father’s health condition was “extremely worrying”. “I’m not hiding from you that the statistical opportunities are terrible at this point,” he said on the BFMTV antenna. He added that doctors had noticed “new tumors emerging in recent days” in Bernard Tapie. He added, “He has one in the brain that must be treated with radiation, and he has two kidneys that must be treated with cryotherapy, and he has some in the abdomen,” referring to other small tumors “everywhere.”

A month earlier, the 78-year-old former minister was in a group of 20 hours of TF1, just weeks after he, like his wife Dominic, was assaulted during a robbery at their home in Sene-et-Marne. On this occasion, the news of his health was briefed on Polo’s generation. “I have an esophagus, stomach, lungs, and kidneys, and now I have a brain.” He said of his doctor, “He never came across an easy man, but here we are, we will try.” Science is going incredibly fast. We discovered the vaccine (against Covid-19) within a year, as it took 10 to 15 years. (…) We have to fight, “he applauded again.

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His appeal in the controversial 2008 arbitration case, which should put an end to his feud with Credit Lyonnais over Adidas, continues in his absence. Faced with the deteriorating health of Bernard Tapie, his defense requested an adjournment on Tuesday. A request rejected by the Paris Court of Appeal “on the grounds that this referral would be inconsistent with the reasonable time to which the defendants are entitled.” The President notably justified her decision by emphasizing that Bernard Tapie was heard during the investigation and during the trial.

The appeals court rejected the “flagrant”.

Laurent Tapie considers this refusal to be “flagrant.” According to him, the testimony of Bernard Tapie, which was released in the first instance court, was “necessary” for a new trial. Failure to hear from her father “means that it is likely” that the judge “has already made her decision.”

On Tuesday, Bernard Tapie’s attorneys left the courtroom when it was announced that the proceedings would continue, and they appealed against the decision. The trial continues now in their absence. He was actually fired in October after a request from Bernard Tapie related to his worsening health. In this case, it is suspected that the former president of Olympique de Marseille, together with his associates, “falsified” a special arbitration conducted in 2008, which was intended to settle its dispute with Credit Lyonnais. This arbitration ended with the “mistake” of the previous public bank and awarded the owner of the project 403 million euros. The ruling has since been overturned in a civil case for “fraud”, and Bernard Tapie finally ordered compensation for the sums collected.

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