Getting into the skin of insects

Getting into the skin of insects

According to André-Philippe Draboux-Picard, biologist atMontreal InsecticideThe remark is clear: “Despite years of worrying communications about insect retreat, we have never seen people take to the street to demonstrate for the bees,” he said during his speech earlier this month here at the 88th AKFAS conference. Media data simply isn’t enough to get citizens (and by extension politicians) to change their habits. However, it is essential to educate citizens about their impact on insects in order to stop their deterioration.

The biologist says this reconnection can be done through empathy, learning about insects while interacting with them. It is inspired by prof A new educational approach Proposed by ecologist Matthew Zelstra in 2014, it offers reconnecting with nature through a mixture of experience, passion and information. The results of this study showed that citizens emerged happier, more confident in the future in facing environmental crises, and more inclined to adopt sustainable, environmentally responsible behavior.

About this approach that A transformation in the InsectariumWho will open its doors toFall 2021. Partially underground, the visitor will be able to see like a fly, or sneak into underground faults like an ant. The second part of the museum will be immersive and will host, among other things, freely flying butterflies. According to André-Philippe Drabeau-Picard, before providing information, “we seek above all to arouse emotions to prepare the ground for perception: we first want the audience to put themselves in the place of the insect to stir up concerns, that is, to say respect and the will to protect insects”.

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