Launch of the 10th Science and Technology Week in Congo Central

Launch of the 10th Science and Technology Week in Congo Central

On Saturday, April 15, 2023, the tenth edition of Science and Technology Week kicked off at the Higher Institute of Pedagogy (ISP) in Mbanza Ngongo, in Congo Central Province. Under the theme “10 years of science and technology at the service of youth”, the event was inaugurated by Carole Chiatzabu, Minister of Provincial Education, in the presence of godmother Nancy Chiappa, members of the ISP Management Committee, school officials, students and pupils.

PSI Director General Professor Soleil Wamuini expressed his gratitude to ASBL Investing In People for choosing his institution as a venue for this course. “It is a historic day now engraved in the annals of Alma mater. Today’s activity is dedicated to discovering the innovative businesses and spirit of what I call, Product Innovators for the Advancement of Science and Technology,” declared the General Manager.

The director of the non-profit association Investing In People and founder of Science and Technology Week Professor Raisa Mallo explained that the event helps to reveal the next generation of scientists and technicians who will accelerate the development of Central Congo Province, DRC and Africa. The theme of this tenth edition allows us to look back at previous editions, but above all to offer new activities to think about and imagine our future.

The presentation of the scientific activities carried out in the science villages by pupils, students and local entrepreneurs was given by the PSI General Secretary in charge of research, Prof. Reuven Ngoye. The institutions present were the Edap ISP and the Mwenze Institute in Velela, two higher institutions, the ISP and the UK, as well as three independent structures.

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The Mwenze a Velela Institute presented five projects, in particular the design of an algorithm and its various applications in everyday life, as well as an introduction to astronomy with star observations from a program directly linked to the NASA telescope.

Edap has presented six projects, including the creation of a hydroalcoholic gel, the manufacture of handmade soap based on refined olive and palm oil, an electric hand dryer, an electric car powered by a 19 Walts motor, a power bank for charging smartphones and iPhones and an electrically controlled mechanical arm saw .

The Mbanza-Ngungu ISP has submitted six projects, including a Ted app for managing high school students’ grades, a hacking reporting tool


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