Lanzhou city, which has a population of four million, is confined by the authorities

Lanzhou city, which has a population of four million, is confined by the authorities

Nearly three months of Winter Olympics in Beijing, The
China Restrictions continue to apply across the country. On Tuesday, authorities imposed a lockdown on Lanzhou in the northwest of the country. The municipality has announced that all residential areas in this city of four million, the capital of Gansu Province, will be under “closed administration” with strict movement control, the municipality announced.

A statement issued by the authorities said that any exit outside the home would now only be possible for “essential purchases”, a necessity linked to the pandemic, or “emergency medical treatment”. a day ago, Many restrictions have been imposedIn Beijing or even Wuhan.

Zero tolerance with only 29 pollution

Nationally, China reported 29 new cases of the home-grown Covid-19 virus on Tuesday. The majority are linked to the movements of a group of infected tourists. While the numbers may seem insignificant compared to those recorded daily in other parts of the world, they are prompting authorities to double their vigilance as China prepares to host the Winter Olympics on February 4, 2022.

The recent outbreak of the disease in Mongolia The interior, in the north of the country, has been responsible for more than a hundred cases since last week. The Chinese authorities, which practice a policy of “zero tolerance” to the virus, responded quickly, imposing restrictions and organizing mass screening campaigns in the affected areas.

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