La Samaritaine puts beauty in the spotlight with its 3000 m² area

La Samaritaine puts beauty in the spotlight with its 3000 m² area

“One of the biggest cosmetics events of the decade,” these are the words of Hubert de Malherbe when he talks about the reopening of Samaritaine Pont Neuf Paris and more specifically its beauty area.

Part of the beauty area at La Samaritaine Pont Neuf Paris – Matthieu Salvaing / Malherbe Paris

It’s actually Malherbe Paris, the creative agency he founded in 1993 that worked on the design of this 3,000 square meter space located on the first floor of the gem of a luxury boutique in Art Nouveau and Art Deco. An achievement based on desire: preserving the architectural heritage of “this well-located jewel”, as Hubert de Malherbe asserts, to please Parisians and foreigners alike.

“We have created the most beautiful, largest and most luxurious space of beauty in the world. A city within a city, punctuated by the zigzag curves that are the signature of our designs. The cycles evoke the random maps of last year’s Paris. Each thematic space has its own mosaic carpet with each idea being different,” explains Hubert de Malherbe who For twenty years he worked with the LVMH group, the owner of La Samaritaine, whose agency exclusively works in Christian Dior Parfums and Sephora stores. .

Eiffel columns are corners of beauty brands – Mathieu Salving / Malherbe Paris

Tubular structures such as the undulating crinoline on the ceiling, the Hungarian parquet … The beauty area of ​​the Parisian shop provides customers with a pleasant walk. Some of the original architectural elements were (re)highlighted, such as the metal Eiffel columns, which were added to a stone plinth and an ornate crown, which, connected by ornate lintels, create booths through which the brands display their universes.

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Perfume Space Samaritaine – Matthieu Salvaing / Malherbe Paris

Signs play the energy of subtlety, floral mosaics forming a rug that epitomizes perfume space, striped textures for makeup, and more formal skincare geometric patterns.

Among the brands in this new space are Diptyque, Jo Malone London, Louboutin, and even Pai.

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