A saxophone tune in space for Fête de la Musique

Thomas Pesquet joins the festivities from space by posting photos of a small concert aboard the International Space Station.

This year, Music Day is not only celebrated on Earth. Currently in space as part of the Alpha mission, Thomas Pesquet joined this annual celebration by posting a photo of himself playing the saxophone aboard the International Space Station (ISS). In this photo, dated several weeks ago, Japanese Soichi Noguchi is shown next to him hanging on a keyboard that another astronaut left in space, as Thomas Pesquet explains in the caption:

He writes: “Today is the shortest night in the northern hemisphere, and also the Feast of Music.” “I hope you take the opportunity to join your friends and go and listen to a few groups… respecting the septal gestures of course! Lots of musicians among the cosmonauts, there is even a group… Its peculiarity: musicians change a lot only instruments! (Souvenir) From the start of a mission Alpha: Here Sochi plays the keyboard that Karl Walz left on the station … 20 years ago, and my saxophone, faithful to the post for 4 years.”

“It’s not easy to play when you’re floating”

A small concert is harder than it sounds, as the French astronaut defines: “It’s not easy to play as you float and you fall… We started with pride, and ended up being more humble…”

Thomas Pesquet took off at the end of April from Florida to join the International Space Station. Very present on social networks, he shares his daily life in orbit with more than 2 million subscribers, by combining Twitter and Instagram. Without forgetting to make way for culture: Recently, he had a video chat with Coldplay group to release their latest single, supreme authority.

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