LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Thursday, November 23, 2023

LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Thursday, November 23, 2023

Heavy punishment for Ronnie Labonne, Nimes group to face Orleans, USAM transfer window and Kaufman’s World Cup.

Nimes Olympic

Labon suspended for five matches. The Gators welcome Orleans to Antonines Stadium on Friday at 7:30 p.m. In this match, on the 14th day of the national championship, the Nimes team will be deprived of Formuz Mendy, the captain, Brahima Dukansi, Ibrahim Sakho and Ronnie Labon, the four suspended. As for the latter, whose file was examined by the French Federation this week, the punishment is very harsh because he received a five-match suspension after being expelled against Versailles. A certain decision that made it through NO, supported by Romain Perpinan, in the match against Versailles – Nîmes Olympique (6-0) received a contract in their rapport so that they could win a carton of rouge in the match. The good one. On the other hand, Nimes’ technician can count on the return of Patrick Berner, Jonathan Mexico and Kilian Kasoum, who served in the suspended match. For this match, Frédéric Bompard selected a group of 17 players. Here are the details: Paradowski, Nazih-Borner, Diallo, Diouf, Kasoum, Sebai, C-Delbish, Khalid, Lorenz, Mexico, Piccolo-Doucoure, Mbina, Ngakoto and Thommen. For their part, Dagi Paviot and Paul Wade were not selected for this meeting.


Returnees and absentees. This Thursday, the OAC’s offensive players were entitled to a definite finish, while the rest of the group was spared. The previous day, 16 players (including goalkeepers Moreau and Laurent) took part in the training session in Molinet. They include Ibrahim Mohamed, who has already returned from his Chadian trip, and Diajili Dabo, who appears to have finally been treated for his ischemia. Due to a slight ankle soreness, Beric Kroes, like Palmy and Yalawi, had a modified session. The return of Guyanese international player Arnold Abilente was hoped for Thursday evening. As for the three youngsters, Bastian Gordon, Henzo Toiron and Gianni Baptiste, a few days after their first minutes of this season with the first team, they played in the reserve shirt this Wednesday evening. The children have contributed to the slow qualification of the OAC II League in the Gard Lozier Cup since Samuel Sabed’s men won on penalties (6-5) after a draw (1-1) in Chusclan-Loudun.

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Mixed fortunes for Alicia’s international players. During AS Rosaador’s reception last Saturday in Piparo, Hakim Malik was deprived of two international players in his team, Arnold Abelliente and Ibrahim Mohamed. The first honored his call-up to the French Guiana national team, while the second defended the colors of Chad. The two strikers have had mixed fortunes during the international break. It all started badly for the Guyanese striker, as he lost to Yana Doko last Friday to Saturday night in Belize (1-0). But Oceania’s top scorer for the 2021/2022 season and his partners put things right with a home win on Tuesday 21 November (3-0) against Bermuda. Guyana thus earns itself a place at the top of Group C of the CONCACAF Nations League and with it promotion to League A. Although he did not score during these two matches, Arnold Abellente amassed playing time in the match with a total of 142 minutes played. At the same time, Ibrahim Mohamed wore the Chadian national team shirt, where he played 68 minutes for the first time in Mali last Friday, then played only a few minutes as a substitute on Monday against Madagascar. In both cases, the Oceanian scorer’s teammates fell dramatically (3-1 and 0-3). Thus, Chad begins their 2026 World Cup qualifiers in the worst possible way, and Mohamed will instead have to find comfort in the blue and white jersey of the OAC.


Recruit Tozolana and Fadwell? Next season is being actively prepared at USAM. As for departures, Quentin Dupuis finds Franck Maurice at Dunkirk, Alexandre Demale returns to Saint Rafael, and Quentin Meynell is not retained, at the end of his contract. This should also be the case for Benjamin Gallego. On the other hand, symbolic captain Julian Repichon could be extended again for another year. But nothing has been done yet. In terms of arrivals, Yoann Guébelin (Paris Saint-Germain) and Wesley Barden (AIX) have been officially announced. According to our information, Nim has already signed two other recruits. Among the names being circulated is Junior Tozolana, Sison’s left winger, whom Nimes has contacted. This is also the case for Mathieu Fadouille, Tremblay’s center half (front), who is none other than Elohim Brandy’s half-brother who passed through Nimes from 2017 to 2020. USAM is improving its squad but is also working towards a head coach position. Because it is not certain that Jan Palmosier will remain number one next season. Among the coaches contacted were Sébastien Dirich (Sison), Laurent Beaucellet (Celestat), born in Pont-Saint-Esprit, and Tarek Hayatoun, assistant coach of Dunkirk. No official decision has been taken. Meanwhile, USAM will try to end a five-game losing streak by traveling to San Rafael on Saturday at 8 p.m.

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300 CM2 students participated in the School World Cup • Photo: Norman Jardine

Gard schools make the world cup. On Thursday, the Schools’ Rugby World Cup was held at the Nicola Kaufmann Stadium. For Gard, the 12 districts were represented by a team made up of CM2 students. At least 300 participants tasted the joy of the oval ball. They were the last ones remaining in an event that initially had 3,850 players. At midday, students gathered to perform a personal version of the famous New Zealand haka. The young players were able to get close to former internationals Pierre-Edouard Detriez (Rugby 15s) and Pierre-Gilles Lacavia (Rugby 7s). The classes had standards that had to be respected. Schools had to represent a World Cup qualifying country, geographically determine their location, create a visual art flag and create a Hakka by incorporating a word from the country’s language. At the end of the day, the students were awarded a diploma.

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