Kylian Mbappe is an Englishman, Kyle Walker sharpens his arms, the French whistles are poised for the future… News of December 8

Kylian Mbappe is an Englishman, Kyle Walker sharpens his arms, the French whistles are poised for the future… News of December 8

World Cup 2022 in Qatarissue

Find the key information for the day of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on the 19th day of the competition.

With eight matches remaining, the World Cup in Qatar is drawing to a close. Upcoming meetings First quarter-finalOn Friday: Croatia – Brazil at 4 pm and the Netherlands – Argentina at 8 pm. Overview of the latest news.

Stephanie Frappart and Clément Turpin qualified for the rest of the competition

for First time in the men’s World Cup, Viewers saw a female officer serving as a central referee. It was during the high-stakes Costa Rica-Germany match. There are now only eight matches left Stephanie Frappart continues her adventure At the World Cup, just like his French counterpart Clément Turpin. They are among 20 central referees who have not been released by FIFA for the remainder of the competition. Turpin’s two assistants, Nicolas Danos and Cyril Grengor, also remained. On the other hand, the New Zealander Matthew Conger, the French Tunisian referee, who The goal was disallowed after signaling the end of the match.

Kyle Walker will mark Mbappe in the pants

England defender Kyle Walker should take charge of Mbappe’s profile on Saturday. The lateral running back is rather good from a technical point of view, it is considered above all to be more of a runner despite its nickname (“pedestrian” in VF). It is enough to try to follow the impressive acceleration of the French striker. On Wednesday, the Manchester City player warned in front of the press that it would not be necessary “much respect” French striker. Understand: talismans will be paid for in the soles of the ankles. Walker clearly sees: “He’s a great player and in good shape so it won’t be easy. But we always want to play against the best and this is one of the best if not the best at the moment.” And the : “Stopping it is easier said than done.

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Today’s address

Kylian Mbappe has a second cousin (the son of his father’s cousin, Wilfried). its name ? Kylian Mbappe. The 16-year-old, born in France, lives in Leicester, central England. In the Sun About this Thursday he says: “I am the real Kylian Mbappe. My parents and family all support France but I’m behind England. All my friends are crazy.” three lions. That’s why he loves Kylian Mbappe baked beans and Greggs, a very popular cross-channel series, which sells out sausage rolls Nutriscore is inappropriate. Of course, Kylian Mbappé (pronounced with a Victorian accent) prefers ‘sausage rolls’ to croque-monsieur. He plays left back at Friar Lane & Epworth FC and is not a centre-forward at PSG.

Small Hands from Mondial: “I expected better, but it’s always better than home”

Helskin hanging above the entrance to the subway station. A big smile crosses his face. From left to right, this 23-year-old Indian man swings his giant cardboard hand to guide travelers, as if dozens of signs pointing trains’ direction weren’t enough. Fans pass him in waves. Most of them don’t count it, and some still bring back their smile. It must be said that before getting to Heleskin, everyone has already met a dozen guys who, like him, instruct fans. They will meet at least until they get into a wagon. To welcome and guide fans from all over the world, Qatar commissioned countless construction companies to hire cheap labor from South Asia and Africa. For many graduates, workers sometimes experience difficult living conditions. Our report.

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Loris, Captain Obvious

Twelve years at the helm with the Blues and barely perceptible off the field, almost a mood. every day before the game, The global drop of the ball came to hear the good word for about ten minutes and each time, alone or accompanied by his coach, Hugo Lloris would arrive to play the sandman. He sat down, then bent the small microphone in front of him with his left hand. The scene was repeated everywhere, in Brazil, in Donetsk, Andorra la Vella, Tbilisi or Saint-Denis. Or Qatar, of course. On Saturday, at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, the adopted native of Nice and London (Tottenham Hotspur) will become the only record holder in the tricolor selection (143) at the age of 35 before the English selection. his profile.

Hansi Flick guards Manshaft

The German team, which has just returned from a quick stay in Qatar, is in a three-game round (win, draw, defeat and thus elimination from the puddles), keeping its coach. The former Bayern coach, who took over after the departure of Joachim Loew eighteen months ago, said in a statement that he could “do much better” The obvious note. “Hansei is a coach and a good guy. You can’t throw everything away now!” The referee is Jurgen Klinsmann, who reached the semi-finals with Germany in 2006 as a coach. Since the title of world champion in 2014, Germany is no longer Germany: football, of course, is still played by eleven teams, but the Germans no longer win systematically. And even the opposite: in eighth place in the last Euro, in the first round of the 2018 World Cup, their last victory in a knockout match dates back to 2016 (on penalties against Italy in the quarter-finals). Germany is the host country for Euro 2024.

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