Boeing livre le premier P-8A Poseidon à la Nouvelle-Zélande

Boeing delivers the first P-8A Poseidon to New Zealand

New Zealand today took delivery of its first four Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft at a ceremony at the Museum of Aviation.

New Zealand received its first Boeing P-8A Poseidon

New Zealand today took delivery of its first four Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft at a ceremony at the Museum of Aviation. “As a maritime nation, the delivery of the P-8A will enable New Zealand to maintain a patrol and response capability that will protect and support law enforcement in our exclusive economic zone and Southern Ocean,” said Sarah Minson, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for New Zealand. Delivery Capacity, New Zealand Ministry of Defense. “The P-8A will assist our neighbors in the South Pacific and provide long-range search and rescue capabilities.”

The New Zealand government has reached an agreement with the US Navy

This achievement comes four years after the New Zealand government reached an agreement with the US Navy for the P-8A.

“The P-8’s unparalleled multi-mission maritime patrol capabilities will enable New Zealand to expand its reach in the Pacific and beyond,” said Philip John, Vice President and Program Director, P-8 Programs. “New Zealand joins eight other global customers, including neighboring Australia, who have selected or already operate the P-8 and are benefiting greatly from its maritime surveillance and long-range warfare capabilities.” The Zealand fleet is supported by the international P-8 programme.

Three more P-8s for New Zealand are all in advanced stages of production and will be delivered in 2023. This aircraft will replace the current New Zealand fleet of six P-3K2 Orions and will be based at the Royal New Zealand Air Force from Ohakia.

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The world’s P-8 fleet has accumulated many incident-free flight hours

To date, the global fleet of P-8s in service has accumulated more than 450,000 incident-free flight hours. The P-8 is a long-range anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft capable of large-scale, naval and coastal operations. In addition, the P-8 performs humanitarian and search and rescue missions around the world.

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