Kuwaiti: “Volga” in concert at Espace Léo Ferre on July 6

The City of Quetigny invites a Contemporary Music Concert on Tuesday, July 6th. A rock band from the Municipal Music School will perform Part One.


Chapter 1: AYR4, the rock band from EMMDA

current music

The Volga is, first of all, that long river that originates in the hills of modest Russia and whose skeleton drags into the Caspian Sea, at a depth of 4000 km. Programmed flow without burrs. Like a talisman tattooed on the retina, Alexander and Florian chose this Volga as a symbol of what they want to escape; human negativity. Acrossing electronic deltas and French pop current, the duo delves into the heart’s excesses to better stick to.

The music of these two idealists was born in their Dijon studio where analog synthesizers and percussion instruments of all kinds constantly steal the show. Once on stage, this delightful electronic army is hidden inside two volume controllers that each musician masters with his fingertips in orchestrated ballet.

Volga’s life follows this novel of bodies; Severe, sometimes fluffy, often animal. But always embodied in the depths of their body by performers. Although electronic arrangements and a popular ambiance take center stage, the two aesthetics do not forget the heart of the project; Chanting real songs. The text and melodies remain an obsession of every moment, arranged by electronic clients.

The concert was hosted as part of the administrative season for Arts and Scenes on the Côte d’Or.

The AYR4 group is made up of students from EMMDA (Municipal School of Music, Dance and Arts) in Quetigny under the supervision of their teacher Frank Diebold. They will supply the first part with fittings and covers.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021 at 8 pm

Espace Léo-Ferré (EMMDA) Hotel Courtyard – 47 bis rue des vergers
(withdrawal, in case of bad weather, from Espace Mendes-France)
For everyone
Free, subject to availability (no reservation)
Information from the Cultural Service at 03 80 48 28 43 / culture@que%gny.fr
more information : quetigny.fr
Facebook: Living in Quetigny

Contact: Cultural Service / 03 80 48 28 43 / [email protected]

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Photo: Le Studio des Songes

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