Karaman: a space for social life with a tea and entertainment room will see the light

Karaman: a space for social life with a tea and entertainment room will see the light

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“This project has been simmering in my head for 20 years,” he rejoices. Anaïs Rochason the initiative of the collective association Small laurage seedsIts headquarters are in Karaman. Having organized several workshops in village halls in neighboring towns since its launch, the organization is now as well His own place, rented from the city hall of the municipality. A decision whose principle was voted on in the Municipal Council on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

This is new Social life space (ESV) will see the light in March 2024 in A prefabricated building was installed near Pierre Paul Riquet Primary School. Until its recent rehabilitation, it housed a classroom as well as the offices of the Specialized Assistance Network for Children in Difficulties (Rasid).

Objectives set by the association

As a reminder, this association, which was established in 2021, aims to:“Parental accompaniment.” Providing a sustainable environment for children by supporting living together and kindness, as well as participation in activities Environmental transformation.

to Lots of events They are already offered as circus classes, global polyphony, sustainable cooking, or even workshops that bring together parents and children.

Homemade pastries, buffet, offers…

Supported by the Haute-Garonne Family Allowance Fund (Caf 31), this EVS project is “two in one”. from direction, Syndicate Tea Room Where pastries and non-alcoholic drinks will be sold. “Everything will be cooked by our volunteers using as many organic and local products as possible. For nutritional supplements, we use the Biocoop in Lauragais,” explains Anaïs Rochas. The association also aims to provide a Canteen service Two or three days a week, with one meal and a sustainable diet.

This will also save new space Workshops and activities. Some ideas have already blossomed, such as a parent café, where parents can discuss Topics related to honoring parents With or without external stakeholders; Sewing and creativity workshops using recycled materials; Gardening and livelihood awareness workshops; Create a reading club to discuss previously read books as well From a media club for teenagers Introducing teenagers to creating local media in the format of their choice; A time for English conversation, singing with the family or even performances. Association And also Open to all suggestions. “They just have to adhere to our core values,” she says.

Accessible prices

Agnès Rochas also wants to emphasize “that it is not a company, but an association” and promises Prices are affordable On the delicious dishes and meals served. “Above all, we want to create social connections, to explain to people that they are not simple consumers, that they can come and lead workshops and show that they have their place.”

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Indeed, if the college administration counts Seven active membersHowever, everyone can join committees (decoration and planning, programming, sewing, kitchen buying group, communications) to bring this ESV to life.

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