Kabila's party calls for a new electoral process and rejects the results

Kabila's party calls for a new electoral process and rejects the results

They are largely absent from this electoral process: Kabila's camp has boycotted all elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Presidential elections, but also legislative, local and partial municipal elections. The FCC, whose PPRD, Joseph Kabila's historic party, forms the group's majority in the National Assembly, continues to demand a new process and logically rejects the results.

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With our special correspondents in Kinshasa, Paulina Zaidi And Boris Viseth

Since 2021, we have warned against this process », a member of the PPRD, the former presidential party, confides that Joseph Kabila. The reasons for this mistrust: lack of trust in the institutions, the Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Court, which are supposed to supervise these elections.

An entire district, including voter registration, is decided by the person they call the leader, the head of the PPRD and the moral authority of the FCC, the platform built around the former president. A political family claims to have more than 70 elected officials who remained loyal to the former president and therefore will not be present in the next legislature.

We are preparing to suffer “This was stated by one of the representatives a few months ago. ” It may be complicated over the next five years, we have to see how we move forward, especially financially, but I am confident of it. », confirms Damasi Muba Kitwa, Vice-Chairman of the PPRD Parliamentary Group for a few more days. He also points out that a section of the rest of the opposition today joins his camp's positions by demanding new elections. ” However, we warned them “, he adds.

The current opposition is back to what we have seen since 2021. Since 2021 we have said that it is necessary to reconstitute the Independent National Electoral Commission, reconfigure the Constitutional Court, and reconfigure the electoral law. All these structures operate in violation of the law. We must return to legitimacy.

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