In 2024, Javier Maile continues his programme, his excesses and his provocations

In 2024, Javier Maile continues his programme, his excesses and his provocations

The eccentric Argentine president came into power forcefully on December 10. Anger and provocation… In 2024, we cannot change the recipe for winning.


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Javier Miley, President of Argentina, December 10, 2023. (ENRIQUE GARCIA MEDINA / MAXPPP)

Breaking the rules, acting without a filter, revolutionizing the way politics is done: that's his brand, and he's sticking to it. On Saturday 30 December, Javier Miley took to the stage where his new partner, a very famous artist, finished the public recording of the TV show.

Fatima Flores throws herself into his arms, the embrace fiery, never-ending – he in a dark presidential suit, she in a shiny gold, very low-cut suit with matching leggings. Even this completely indecent tongue kiss, perfectly placed in front of the cameras and under the teasing of the public. And then, as if nothing had happened, a political speech.

The situation is complicatedJavier Miley said.very complicated. We work seven days a week, 24 hours a day to untangle the mess (“quilombo”) they left for us. Difficult months lie ahead. But it's worth it. We will stand on our feet and emerge stronger“. Half a show, half a meeting… and everything to create a buzz. A combination of genres that shocked many Argentines on social networks.

The resistance is organized

Difficult months“On this point too, Javier Miley remains faithful to what he promised. A liberal revolution, with widespread liberalization of the economy. Except that resistance is being organised.

Since December, tens of thousands of protesters have already taken to the streets, pot and pan parties echo almost every evening in the neighbourhoods, and a general strike is scheduled for January 24. Never in forty years of democracy has an Argentine president faced such opposition so early.

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Citizens are objecting to a huge decree that came into effect last week (which abolishes more than 300 existing provisions) and a huge draft law containing… 664 articles that must be passed before Parliament. Restriction of entry of grève, privacy of enterprise quarantining, suppression of employee encadrement…. Même for ses partisans, this ultra-liberal national program enrays the descent aux enfers de l'Argentine va trop vite et so far. With the same brutality on January 2, Miley fired the army's top commanders without warning, the biggest military reshuffle in twenty years.

He refused to join the BRICS club

At the international level, its decisions are also misunderstood. On January 1, the BRICS club took on a new dimension. Five new countries have joined this economic forum, which brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and seeks to balance Western influence: Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. But not Argentina, which also featured on the list of these important guests.

Javier Miley says: “It is out of the question to sign.”Contracts with the Communists“His decision arouses incomprehension and disappointment. He prefers to seek refuge in the United States, hoping, in exchange for his loyalty, to obtain financing from the International Monetary Fund or private investors. A somewhat caricatured vision of geopolitics… It is his trademark, that To whom he remains completely loyal.

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