Justin Bieber continues his world tour

Justin Bieber continues his world tour

Justin Bieber (file photo) Photo: Image Alliance / newscom | Jim Roymen

By Annika Glatzel

It’s finally headed up again! The best news of the week has to be for his fans: Pop star Justin Bieber, 28, has now announced that he will be continuing his world tour. A sign that the singer, who has serious health problems, is getting better again.

At the beginning of March, Bieber had to cancel parts of his “Justice World Tour” and finally cancel all planned US appearances on the tour.

The reason: The 28-year-old suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a viral disease that attacks the ear and facial nerves. This resulted in partial paralysis of his face, according to Bieber.

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In a video posted by the singer on Instagram, the shocking extent of the disease was revealed.

Now everything is clear. On Tuesday, Biebs shared on Instagram that he will be returning with a performance on his Justice League World Tour.

It is scheduled to premiere on July 31 at a music festival in Lucca, Italy. From there, according to the current plan, it will go around the world – among other things, concerts in South America, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand are on the agenda. Finally back to Europe and the USA. Exact dates have not been announced.

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