Jono Gibbes déçu par la décision de Morgan Parra, Arthur Iturria lui rend un grand hommage

Juno Gibbs disappointed with Morgan Barra’s decision, and Arthur Etoria highly appreciates it

This Thursday at a press conference, Claremont coach Juno Gibbs responded to the upcoming departure of Morgan Barra, who has refused to extend his contract at Claremont beyond the current season.

The New Zealand technician did not fail to express his disappointment.

He evokes a player who would be very difficult to replace within the Auvernat squad. Extract:

“I was very happy to continue working with him. We made him a proposal but then everyone has the right to choose. He made his decision and we respect his decision. Frustrated that he is not ending his adventure with us. He is someone who has brought so much to the club. He is one of the last players of the 2010 generation, It’s a strong moment… Now, it’s time for others to take their responsibilities because it will be very difficult to replace a player like this. It’s a challenge for others.”

His teammate, second grader, Arthur Etoria gave him a very kind regards.

He says it: Morgan Barra will remain a player whose footballing career will continue. Extract:

“I was very happy to share the dressing room with him. Besides the fact that he’s an excellent player, he’s a guy with a good character. It’s his choice so it should be respected. I spoke to him quite a bit and he wanted to leave or continue, he wasn’t sure yet. But it’s part of the club’s life. He started very early with the France team. He has an important aura and besides the fact that he is an excellent player, he is a man of good character. I am very happy to share the dressing room with him until the end of the season. He will remain a player that marked my career.”

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