Israel coach Adesanya deals with “Hollywood” Khabib Nurmagomedov and his clan

Israel coach Adesanya deals with “Hollywood” Khabib Nurmagomedov and his clan

MMA – According to Eugene Barman, coach Israel Adesanya, Khabib Nurmagomedov and other Dagestani fighters have changed a lot.

Eugene Barman is the coach of the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya national team. This weekend, another player Brad Riddle (10-1) will play at UFC Vegas 44. The New Zealander nicknamed “Quake” will face Rafael Veziev in the co-main event. A few days before the shock happened, Barman spoke to Presentation Radio, but it was not only to invoke the issue of who protects him. No, the City Kickboxing coach used his talk to deal with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s clan. According to him, the Dagestanis have forgotten their fundamentalist side and now spend a lot of time criticizing other fighters.

“Khabib talks about other athletes more than anyone, and I’m disappointed to see that,” he said. “For me, this guy was a fundamentalist. (Trash talk) was not in his DNA. But now you see him laughing at fighters, and then Makhachev doing the same. It was never part of their culture in this sport. They had their own place in this sport. Now they’re just like everyone else. Many therapists are like the others,” says Khabib.

“I love the old and I love the way they were before they were all Hollywood. They had their own culture and they weren’t trying to be American. They brought the sport a pure, authentic side that wasn’t there.” […] Now they’re still stuck on Twitter “Blah, so he’s no good, so here for the money, the other here for him, this guy’s no good, everyone, you don’t deserve to face this guy…” he added.

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On the same topic:

“What I respected in men like Khabib is their authentic side. All they did was fight. Don’t worry about media, don’t worry about anything else. Just do your job, fight.” […] They have very modest and not very material assets when making a lot of money. They just keep training. […] But now the game has reached them as well. »

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