Journey from oceans to space with Gueules d’Aminche in Helicoop

Journey from oceans to space with Gueules d’Aminche in Helicoop

Another very nice evening in the legendary Hélicoop room where I recently presented the Gueules d’Aminche collection.

This group of French chansons is a famous eponymous in 2010 and composed by Vincent Nouveau and the song and guitar, Christelle Harau in accordion, Davy Veyssière in batter, Benjamin Cahen in contrebasse and Luc Lagier in trumpet.

For twelve years, the group shared the stage with The Chedid Family, Les Négresses Vertes, Debout sur le zinc, and many others. The show for the audience at Hélicoop is from their new album Vaisseaux, the group’s fourth opus. A charming and sensitive show in a unique world that combines poetry, energy and emotion.

Ships is a journey that explores the world with music and words. The writing is chiseled, sensitive, and full of hope. It takes the audience on a journey from the bottom of the ocean to the furthest reaches of space, populated by both young heroes and big characters. The audience called out to the group several times, which willingly complied with their request, marking a new journey towards the horizon.

Next concert Sunday May 21st at 4 pm with the duo Klezmer. Reservation appears or at 07 81 88 14 14.

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