Journalist with chin tattoos, prime-time mods - TV and Film -

Journalist with chin tattoos, prime-time mods – TV and Film –

Never before: Orini Kaibara is the first journalist ever to be allowed to get a tattoo on his face in prime time.

This show recently made headlines: a journalist in New Zealand was allowed to get her face tattoos done in prime time. Orini Kaibara commented on her general appearance and wearing the tattoo with pride: “This is for all of us.” “I am proud of what I have achieved,” the journalist said. “It is definitely a step forward.”

It is considered a landmark that the 37-year-old was allowed to read the news on a New Zealand show with her distinctive Maori-style tattoo. The journalist jumped on to the star presenters and managed to edit the late-night news, as reported by several media outlets. I got the tattoo in 2017 when I found out through a DNA test that it was one hundred percent Maori.

Tattoos have a long tradition and, depending on the idea, have a special meaning. A chin tattoo is a sign of transition from a girl to a woman.

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