Journalist fired after pretending to help disaster victims

Journalist fired after pretending to help disaster victims

When excitement trumps decency. This week, video German journalist appeared on social networks. We see reporter Susanna Olin in the middle
Flood damage In the town of Bad Münstereifel, which was badly affected by bad weather. With her boots on her feet and her bob on her head, we can make the journalist bend over to take the mud and put it on her clothes, according to amateur photos posted on

In her report, the reporter, holding a shovel, called on viewers to help with the city’s purges. Excerpt from the show good morning germany It has since been removed from the RTL Channel website.

” I’m sorry “

On her Instagram account, Susanna Ohlin explained the reasons for her gesture. “Having already helped in a personal way in the area in the previous days, I was ashamed to stand in front of the camera in clean clothes in front of other aid workers. So, without thinking about it, I got my clothes muddy.”

As a journalist, this should never have happened to me. As someone who takes the suffering of those affected seriously, this has happened to me. I’m sorry,” the journalist concluded at the end of her letter.

an act contrary to the “principles of journalism”

After being repeated on social networks, the photos reached the management of RTL, the German channel on which Susanna Ohlin worked. “The actions of our reporter are clearly inconsistent with the principles of journalism and our own standards. That is why we fired her on Monday,” a spokesperson for the channel said on Thursday.

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According to the latest report, 180 people died in the floods that hit western Germany last week, and about 150 are still missing or out of reach.

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