In the White House, the artistic life of Biden's son was embarrassed

In the White House, the artistic life of Biden’s son was embarrassed

Exhibitions and sale of paintings by Hunter Biden, the US president’s son, question the dangers of industrialists or financiers buying his work for the sole purpose of attracting goodwill to the White House.

The White House confirmed, Friday, July 23, that it is taking the necessary moral precautions regarding any exhibition and sale of paintings of Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, with a tormented personal life and professional career that has already sparked controversy. The Biden administration wants to present itself as morally flawless.

The US media is pointing especially finger at the danger that industrialists or financiers will buy his business with the sole aim of attracting the good fortunes of the White House. According to the American press, the value of the paintings will rise to 500 thousand dollars, only that.

The White House announced on July 9 the creation of “a system that would allow Hunter Biden to exercise his profession with reasonable safeguards,” including confidentiality of any transaction and no contact with his purchaser.

Hunter Biden, the debt of Donald Trump

Hunter Biden is one of the favorite targets of former President Donald Trump. The Trump camp has regularly criticized the fact that Hunter Biden had economic interests in China and Ukraine when his father was Barack Obama’s vice president (2009-2017). He is also the target of a federal investigation into possible tax crimes.
The president’s youngest son recounted his struggle against crack and alcohol addiction in a book published this spring.

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