Joe Biden wants to announce his presidential candidacy in 2024, but not immediately

Joe Biden wants to announce his presidential candidacy in 2024, but not immediately

The 80-year-old Democratic president says he has “a lot of other things” to finish before he can start campaigning.

Are we still talking about suspense? Joe Biden has confirmed once again that he intends to run for the 2024 presidential election, to win a second term at the head of the United States. But it is indisputable that his candidacy was immediately formalized.

“There are a lot of other things we need to get done in the short term before I start campaigning,” said the 80-year-old Democrat.

“My intention from the beginning was to introduce myself,” Joe Biden added in an interview with ABC News.

An intent confirmed by his wife, Jill Biden: Earlier today, she told the Associated Press that all that remained was to name the location and date of the campaign ad. The American media tried this by looking at the advertisement well and appropriately After his State of the Union address, on February 7, but the prediction ultimately did not come true.

“legitimate” questions about his age

And a possible second term would push Joe Biden, already the oldest sitting US president, to retain his position until the age of 86. An era that necessarily burdens the leader, as evidenced by his indecision, which is regularly highlighted by his critics, foremost among whom is former Republican President Donald Trump.

And the fears that were overridden by the medical examination conducted last week on the US President showed that he was “strong” and “fit” to perform his duties. “It is legitimate for people to ask questions about my age,” said Joe Biden, who assured us that this factor did not influence his decision on whether or not to formalize his candidacy.

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The most important items

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