Great pictures of the blizzard that hit California

Great pictures of the blizzard that hit California

On Friday, heavy snow fell in part of California and several states in the western United States. In total, more than 340 flights have been canceled and more than 4,000 delayed.

Known for its sunshine and palm trees, California has been experiencing one of its worst winter storms in decades since Friday. It snowed heavily in the area as a result of a rare snow storm.

Cars half underwater, stationary ones buried in the snow, and the photos are impressive. The lettering of the iconic Hollywood sign has been hidden in the storm, but experts say what was first presented as “snow” is just hail.

“I wonder what freezing rain is falling from the sky in your area?

100.00 A house without electricity

So California has had to close some of its major roads because of the frost, with no immediate prospect of reopening them.

The US Weather Service (NWS) has warned that snowfall could have dangerous and life-threatening consequences.

In the mountains, where the wind can blow strongly, snowflakes should be abundant. Snow and winds have already damaged power lines, leaving 100,000 California homes out of power. According to the NWS, even valleys “not used to receiving snow” can be covered in a white coat.

Risk of floods and landslides

On social networks, everyone went out there with their photos of a park covered in snow… a sight so rare that the weather service split a tutorial.

While not everyone will find themselves under the snow, Californians who live at lower elevations may experience precipitation, which poses a risk of floods and mudslides.

“It’s definitely the biggest storm we’ve seen in years,” said NWS meteorologist Eric Boldt. in guardian.

While it is difficult to establish a direct link between this storm and climate change, scientists regularly explain that warming increases the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.

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320 domestic flights were cancelled

This wintry weather isn’t unique to California: It’s still in the American West, but further north, roads were closed in Wyoming, and Oregon was seeing record snowfall.

Portland thus experienced the second snowiest day in its history, with more than 27 centimeters of precipitation, according to the local weather service. What do we put chaos in the air. More than 340 domestic flights to or from the United States were canceled Friday afternoon, and more than 4,000 were delayed.

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