Joe Biden accidentally reads instructions given to him

Joe Biden accidentally reads instructions given to him

This grave mistake by the US President comes at a time when his health condition is causing concern among Democratic Party executives.

The blunders are piling up for Joe Biden. While his condition is causing growing concern within his own party, the US president has once again provoked reactions. This time, he got flustered mid-speech.

US President Donald Trump spoke Tuesday, July 2, at the Emergency Operations Center in Washington to discuss severe weather conditions in the United States. During his speech, Joe Biden appeared to be “glued” to the text on his teleprompter… accidentally reading the instruction “repeat again.”

“Extreme heat is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the United States, surpassing floods and hurricanes combined,” he said, adding, “Repeat again, combined.”

The sequence was widely shared on X (formerly Twitter). Some netizens found the scene “awkward, ridiculous, and even sad.”

Health condition worries Democrats

This isn’t the first time the US president has tried it. In 2022, during a walk about abortion, the Democrat uttered “repeat the phrase,” a remark supposedly meant to remind him to back up that line of his speech a little more. Internet users then reacted with a lot of humor.

However, the consequences of this blunder could be even more disturbing. Confusion of the names of heads of state, a conversation with a deceased person, or drowsiness in the middle of an event… The gaffes that have become a true trademark of the president no longer make anyone in his camp laugh.

After his disastrous debate against former President Donald Trump last Thursday, Lloyd Doggett, the first Democrat elected to Congress, called on the president to surrender the election scheduled for this fall.

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