“I have no intention of leaving,” Biden reiterated before the high-stakes interview.

“I have no intention of leaving,” Biden reiterated before the high-stakes interview.

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The 81-year-old Democrat's candidacy is facing increasing criticism, including from within his own camp, after he failed in the first debate that pitted him against Donald Trump.

I’m here, I’m staying here! In a brief exchange with a supporter on Thursday, July 4, Joe Biden, whose candidacy is under increasing criticism, even in his own camp, insisted that he had not done so. “No intention of leaving.”

The scene took place at the White House during a reception held on the occasion of the American National Day. “Keep fighting! We need you!” One of the attendees said. “You can count on me. I have no intention of leaving.”Joe Biden, who invited military personnel and their families to a July 4 barbecue, responded.

After this festive moment, the presidential campaign resumed. Joe Biden’s position seems to be hanging by a thread. The 81-year-old Democrat has so far shown himself unable to shake the disastrous impression left by his failed debate against Donald Trump a week ago. He struggled to express himself for 90 minutes, stumbling over words and losing his train of thought, sparking a wave of panic within his party.

previous stuttering

His future may be decided during his interview Friday with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, which will be recorded during a campaign trip to Wisconsin.

Everyone, supporters and opponents, are waiting for him at the turning point. If he succeeds, he will not survive, and if he fails, his candidacy for a second term will be in great danger. Four months before the presidential election, Democrats doubt his ability to defeat the Republican billionaire, and an overwhelming majority of Americans do not believe he is capable of ruling for another four years if he wins.

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Evidence that the interview is eagerly awaited is that the TV channel has adjusted its broadcast schedule. It initially planned to show excerpts on Friday, then Saturday, for the full broadcast on Sunday. But starting Saturday evening, at 8pm (midnight GMT), viewers will be able to watch the entire interview, as part of a special broadcast.

Press conference next week

Joe Biden, who once had a stutter, has never been a fluent speaker. He will have to impress ABC with his speech, sentence structure and facial expressions. Earlier this week, one of the most influential Democratic voices, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ruled “necessary” Joe Biden is doing one or even two high-profile interviews.

Other supporters of Joe Biden have called for a long press conference to gauge his ability to respond forcefully. The US president, who rarely responds to this practice, or to a limited number of questions from pre-selected journalists, has promised to take one next week, but the modalities are currently unknown.

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