Jerome Le Banner, Fedor and Bob Sapp compete in impressive arm wrestling duels

Jerome Le Banner, Fedor and Bob Sapp compete in impressive arm wrestling duels

During the arm wrestling championship held in Japan, great stars of martial arts, including Jerome Le Banner, clashed. Which allowed amazing duels to unfold.

The cradle of combat culture, Japan is a land that has hosted many combat sports events since the dawn of history. In 2013, arm wrestling championship Opposition to many martial arts legends was organized there. Fyodor EmelianenkoAnd the Jerome LeBannerAlistair Overeem Bob Sapp or Kazushi Sakuraba-Everyone was there. Something that pleases the fans and provides a breathtaking spectacle.

Great performance by Jerome Le Banner against Mark Hunt

Considered a quasi-god in Japan, Jerome Le Banner is part of it. Eliminated during the competition against Baruto, the one who recently made Ivan Vicic quit his MMA GP still had time to make his strength speak. And it has not been against anyone since Le Havre folded Mark Hunt.

The New Zealander had a boxing and MMA legend I’ve already encountered Geronimo four times in the episode. evaluation: Three losses and a victory over the tricolor. The former UFC has been eliminated A new setback In this wrestling duel, do not resist the power of the “Uncrowned King”.

Bob Sapp the big winner of the tournament after a duel against Fedor Emelianenko

On the other side of the board, Fyodor Emelianenko And the Bob Sapp He had pulled out of the match, and they found themselves in the semi-finals, the two players were holding their breaths head-on. Helped by his greater weight, The American has finally overtaken the Russian Nicknamed “The Last Emperor”.

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Unabashedly bold HakuhoMongolian sumo during the grand final, The former NFL player won. Something to restore his image is somewhat tarnished by the many battles he lost after a promising start.

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