Jason Statham Confirms 2022 MEG 2 Filming – Without This Actress?

Jason Statham Confirms 2022 MEG 2 Filming – Without This Actress?

++ Update from May 3, 2021: Filming date for MEG 2 So he is getting close, but who will go after that Jason Statham Are you still returning to declare war on the gigantic voracious fish? Jessica McNameeCurrently in Mortal Kombat An explanation can be seen Collider Versus that they do not know if they are with MEG 2 will return.

The first movie deviates greatly from the book. She knows a sequel is being talked about, but she doesn’t know which direction to take. Since the deviations from books are large, one can deal with them MEG 2 We also strive for a completely different story.

Plus, the coronavirus pandemic could pose problems – again. She is not up to the filming schedule at all. Maybe it should be, says McNamee, because it would be a dream to be back and be there again. Filming and working with Statham was so much fun. At that time they were going to shoot in New Zealand. This time it could be Australia. For the time being, this would be the only possibility for them to return to this country. Australia has continued to tightly close its borders. Those who obtain a permit to enter the country enjoy a great deal of freedom that other countries cannot currently dream of. This is exactly why Australia is currently so popular as a filming location.

++ News from May 1, 2021: Bite again. Everyone asks where MEG 2 It remains, get his answer now. Compared with the Collider Has been confirmed Jason StathamAnd the It will be in front of the camera for a sequel in 2022.

If he’s right in his head, the movie will start in January. He also emphasized again: It will be directed by Ben Wheatley And he’s really looking forward to working with Wheatley. Overall, he’s really looking to start over. After all, some time had passed and it would have taken for the texts to be correct and the appropriate exit open up. Now everything suits you and you are ready.

Wheatly was also praised. They will have a similar taste. He loves his movies and thinks he’s a great director. Well, nothing should go wrong anymore

MEG He came to cinemas in 2018 – summer, of course. Outside of bathing season, the Northern Hemisphere’s shark fear is hard to spread. The first movie still drives John Turtletab. Despite mixed reviews, the movie grossed over $ 530 million worldwide.

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