Jane Campion: "#MeToo has changed a lot"

Jane Campion: “#MeToo has changed a lot”

“Since the #MeToo movement, I’ve felt a clear change in the film sector: it’s like a permanent change in the weather for women in the field. I like to compare it to the fall of the Berlin Wall,” says Jane Campion. In an interview with “Wiener Zeitung” on the sidelines of the Venice Film Festival. There she presented her new movie “The Power of Dog”, starring Kirsten Dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch. Netflix production for the 67-year-old director, who won a Golden Palm award from Cannes in 1992 for “The Piano,” is set to begin this year on the streaming service.

“I would really appreciate it if more women had the opportunity to direct a movie,” Campion says. “The omens have never been better than they are today: The Oscars for Chloe Chao and her drama ‘Nomadland’ as well as this year’s Golden Palm by Julia Docornu and ‘Titane’ are proof that something is finally getting better here,” says Campion. .

But the paradigm shift is still going very slowly. “While there are more and more women in the spotlight, there are still very few female voices being heard.” The fact that streaming services like Netflix are now investing heavily in TV programming is a blessing. After all, Netflix gave them the biggest budget of their career so far for “The Power of the Dog.” “I know the past reality very well: Women have sometimes been given a career, but always only for very low-budget films. This is slowly changing, and I hope that broadcasters will speed up that evolution.”

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