Jalibert makes the show, Perdew passes

Jalibert makes the show, Perdew passes

Effective and realistic Bordeaux joint against Lyonnais who stutter in their rugby: find the peaks and fails of the Bordeaux Beagles – LOU (42-10).


Thank you

Mathieu Jalibert offers the victory to his team. Double composer in six minutes after returning from the locker room, puts his people in the way. Then Bordeaux Bigley went on to win 42-10 over Lyon. Shortly after the second half (46th place), the opening Bordeaux player made a bid and scored an owed attempt after a 40-meter dash, leaving several opponents on the ground. After a few minutes (53), UBB n° 10 is opportunistic and recovers a throw in the opposite sideline to level it in the goal. Thanks to this double, Bordeaux scored 17-0 in fifteen minutes after returning from the locker room. Released shortly after the hour mark (65), Mathieu Jalibert received a standing ovation.

Lucu builds victory

His importance in the match was equal to his usual importance. But Maxime Loko did well for his team with efficiency against the poles. During a tight first period (6-3 at break), the half-scrum allows his team to regain the advantage. In total, I passed him 17 points on Saturday and 7/8 against the posts.

I didn’t get damaged

Ben Lam is very influential in his left wing in Chaban-Delmas. We found a sharp NZ this Saturday. 295 meters were obtained with the balls in hand, a match record. Eight races for the ubiquitous 11 Bordeaux, but also seven assists, a record for his team with Mathieu Jalibert.

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Purdue is not there

A Day Without Leo Purdue. Lyon’s flyhalf never appeared in his game. In quick succession, he misses two kicks in the current match, one of them after two minutes of play. The Lyon playmaker sends the ball straight to the touchdown. Above all, the opener missed a penalty in the first period when it was only 6-3 for UBB. In the second half, it was Leo Purdue, like his teammates, who finished the match at the back.

LOU blunders itself

An enjoyable first act despite the low score 6-3 in the first half. But when they came back from the locker room, Bordelais was even sharper. They went down 17-0 in fifteen minutes of play, and to their amazement, Lyon never recovered. Visitors received five attempts in total. The penalty attempt shortly before the final whistle was awarded as little consolation.

Lyon’s disastrous strikers

Leon’s first line is also absent from the discussions. On the other hand, the two columns made the mistake in the melee. A total of four scrum penalties have been waived for LOU. In heels, Mickaël Ivaldi didn’t raise the bar missing several touchdown throws. The benches are consistent since Guillaume Marchand missed his throw, making the second attempt for Matthew Gallibert (53rd place). Finally, second grader Felix Lampe composed several flaws. Never on time. A game to be forgotten for this team, which has its defense in the ranks only as a positive sign.

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