ASM Clermont, very weak on the outside, but had to win in Biarritz

As they advance without a net at Aguilera, without a vision to give a final race they approach at the last place of the starting grid, Clermontois won’t have much to lose in the end.

why is that ? Because we understood, with sobering statements as much as slight disappointment, that ASM players expect to watch Brennus race from the couch and that even qualifying for the Champions Cup would be hard to find.

ASM: Penaud and Vili appeared and tied in the middle against Biarritz

In any case, not all of these runners-up count on them anymore and the Clermontois team knows very well why they are in the current rut (9th overall, 5 points out of the top 6), when there are only 2 days left.

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1. Fatal travel sickness

Juno Gibbs’ team, who have been surprised only once this season at Michelin (by Castres) at the start of the tournament, will have lost most of their hopes away from Auvergne. The New Zealand coach confirms this:

Only Biarritz and Brave had worse results (zero successes), which says a lot about this poor record on the go: 11 defeats in 12 games and only 3 defensive bonuses.

2. The second half in question

If ASM is not very effective on the outside, it often owes it to a lack of breathing, a loss of clarity in “money time”. As confirmed by Juno Gibbs.

“Every game has its variables. But the constant was our frustrating second period.”

ASM drove in the first inning at Perpignan (21-10), Racing (19-15), was in Pau (10-10), Brive (17-17) and La Rochelle (10-10) … so many failures In the balance of all accounts.

excellent Top 14: Biarritz, a laid-off opponent? ASM Clermont Rugby players can’t believe it!

Of the 12 matches played away from home, Clermontois won only twice: in Montpellier (12-6) and Toulon (14-12), where it was not enough (final result 32-22).

3. Goal number 8, top 6 or top 7?

Playing time in Biarritz on Saturday afternoon, ASM doesn’t know very well what it should aim for. Qualifying is a utopia and players prefer to talk about the top 8. Again, it may not be enough to get a Champions Cup ticket if the winner of the European Challenge (Toulon or Lyon) slips to ninth out of the top 14.

Is Biarritz the perfect ASM opponent looking for points? Listen to the podcast here, Montferrand

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In short, while nothing seems to want to smile at them, Clermontois will do well to prove, now in Aguilera, that they can come out of the shadows and see a light other than that radiated by Michelin.

Christophe Boron

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