Jacinda Ardern has arrested an opposition MP with insult

Jacinda Ardern has arrested an opposition MP with insult

Jacinda Ardern He bears the brunt of any political figure’s ultimate betrayal: the badly cut microphone. Apparently annoyed by the Leader of the Opposition’s question in the midst of a debate in Parliament about measures taken during the pandemic, New Zealand’s Prime Minister replied in a dry tone, sat down and concluded in a low voice: “What? An arrogant idiot.” A humorous note that would have gone unnoticed had his microphone not been opened again.

David SeymourThe leader of the ACT Liberal Party has asked Jacinda Ardern to acknowledge the mistakes her government has made during the pandemic. He insisted that she give a concrete example of her “making a mistake, properly apologizing for it, and making amends.” The main interested party’s response was short-lived: “It has been more than once that we have realized that we do not have a complete answer. […] We knew that isolation measures could affect some people and that we would apply them differently if we faced them again […] But our government has always made the decisions that seemed best to New Zealand. »

The transparent and decisive response could have stopped there, to applause from his supporters, but the “what an arrogant idiot” that followed was completely audible with assistance. according to BBCA spokesperson for the prime minister said she has since apologized to David Seymour. The latter asked the Speaker of Parliament not to include the insult in the minutes of the discussions.

New Zealand has been praised on several occasions for its management of the health crisis. More than 2,200 citizens have died as a result of Covid. A very low figure, which is explained in particular by a strict zero Covid policy. Jacinda Ardern implemented containment operations very early on, since the first domestic emergence of positive cases. His government has also implemented a vaccination campaign on all fronts. More than 80% of the country’s population is now vaccinated against Covid-19.

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