Cat hunting is canceled at the last minute in New Zealand

Cat hunting is canceled at the last minute in New Zealand

New Zealand truly is the land of possibilities. Able to elect such a brilliant woman as prime minister Jacinda ArdenNew Zealand citizens can also hold a cat-hunting competition. On Saturday, April 15, a hunting association in the country announced the opening of the annual competition for children under the age of 14 to hunt savages in the country. the goal ? Eliminating and killing feral domestic cats, in short CNN. The first prize in this competition was, to put it mildly, the modest sum of $250 New Zealand dollars, or €141.

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Following the announcement of this new category, an advertisement was broadcast advising children not to kill pet cats. A phrase that can make time smile when it is evil. In the end, the cat massacre is narrowly averted. “Vile and inappropriate emails have been sent to the school and others. The safety of our sponsors and the school is our main priority, and the decision was taken to withdraw this category this year to avoid further negative reaction,” the organizers wrote on Facebook. Postpone hunting cats until next year? case to follow.

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Great danger to domestic cats

The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said: “We are happy and relieved that children are not being asked to shoot stray cats.” “Children, like adults, cannot tell the difference between a stray cat, a stray cat, or a creepy house cat,” insisted the qualified animal protection spokesperson. The rest of the competition, which was organized to raise money for a school in the country, has also been preserved.

In New Zealand, all sides agree on the problem of street cats. According to local authorities, the number of animals that roam New Zealand’s fairways is in the millions. The main victims of this phenomenon are the birds: the kees, small parrots that live only in New Zealand, have seen their population drop by nearly 80% in ten years. Defense agencies want to assign the task of eradication to experienced people, who use certified humane methods to reduce the number of feral cats.

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