Italy's national anthem in England, Euro 2020 final / Video: whistles for the blue anthem

Italy’s national anthem in England, Euro 2020 final / Video: whistles for the blue anthem

Shortly before the start European Championship Final 2020 Between Italy and England, the two teams’ national anthems were played and sung inside Wembley Stadium, beginning with the “Fratelli d’Italia”. From the first moment, they rose loudly from the stands whistles Which completely covered the local melody and made it difficult for even our eleven owners to hear the chant so they could sing it at the top of their lungs and thus try to expel the tension of these hours before the game.

A decidedly unsportsmanlike gesture by the supporters of the National Three Lions, which the supporters of the men of Coach Roberto Mancini They behaved very elegantly, not responding to the whistles they had received just a few moments ago. The song “God Save the Queen” was also appreciated by the Italian audience who watched the match on TV. (Update by Alessandro Niedi)

National Hymns Italy England: The Two Stories

The The national anthem of Italy England He will set fire to the night of Wembley: European Championship Final 2020 It kicks off at 21:00, after which it will be a chance to hear our anthem over and over in this stadium. Spectators will be able to sing it too: we know very well that the European Championship 2020 was held in the presence of the audience, especially at Wembley, and it is expected that the number of spectators will not be less than 60 thousand spectators, a fact that is not very much in our favor, given that we are on English soil. Nevertheless, the presence of Italians in England is great: the great hope, then, is that the anthems of England and Italy will also be a good opportunity. Hear the crowd sing the Mamli hymn.

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Very well known, but the Italian anthem is actually Italians song: someone calls it the Brothers of Italy from the first words of a text composed by Goffredo Mammelli in the time of the Risorgimento: We were approaching the unification of the country, Mammelli wrote the words to the music of Michele Novaro but had to wait 99 years before the anthem of Italy, which was very popular in its early days, It is officially established as our country song. Obviously, this process was due to the referendum held by the Republic: until that moment, in fact, the Italian national anthem was the Royal March, which after the unification of Italy was chosen as the official song of the House of Savoy. There are 6 pieces that make up the text of the Mameli anthem, although it is clear that it is sung on occasions such as the Euro 2020 final.

Patriotic hymns Italy England: God save the Queen

During the anthems of Italy and England, we will also hear, Maybe with a sexy atmosphere, The May God protect the Queen: Officially represents the anthem of the United Kingdom – and thus also the anthems of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which also use another anthem (and here we must open a separate chapter) – and some Commonwealth countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand) who recognize the Queen as head of state. Therefore, the song was particularly popular, and it must also be said, among the most beautiful in circulation: it was composed, at least that is the most popular belief, by Thomas Arne and in 1962 arranged by Benjamin Britten, pianist and conductor. The text is assumed to be John Paul: written in the first half of the eighteenth century, it was already in force in 1744, and therefore it is also the oldest anthem in the world. Particularly epic and triumphant in musical tones, it was used for many years in the colonies of the British Empire; The text as is evident from the title is a hymn to the Queen of the United Kingdom and tonight, before the European Championship final for Italy and England 2020, we will hear it punctuate the stands of Wembley. Warning: We should not be intimidated, but we already know that it will be…

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