Italy band.  Six newcomers, there's Toa Halafihi - OA Sport

Italy band. Six newcomers, there’s Toa Halafihi – OA Sport

Kieran Crowley announced the lineups for the first two rounds of the 2022 Six Nations Championship against France (in Paris, Sunday 6 February) and England (at home, Sunday 13 February). The tournament that comes after a change of coach last spring and after a difficult November for the Azzurri, was knocked out by New Zealand and Argentina who won, though without convincing, only against mediocre Uruguay.

You are the beginners in blue With the third lines of Benetton You just swear e Manuel ZulianiRovigo whore Giacomo NicorettaRovigo’s opening Giacomo da Ri, that Benetton Leonardo MarineAnd the trocar also of Benetton, Tommaso Minuncillo, while the major absence is certainly the absence of Carlo Kanna.

Therefore, it is a very young team with three midfielders in the Italian and Italian school, with the 2000 chapter of Paolo Garbessi as the “veteran” of the youth Da Re and Marin. Trolley is certainly intriguing, deeply rejuvenated, and sees good players like Pierre Bruno, Montana Ewan, Tommaso Minoncello and Federico Mori play at least two places in the expanded triangle, while in between, young Marco Zanon is alongside the BRICS. Experts and Morrissey.

Rugby, because Argentina took off and Italy drowned. Comparison of the two worlds

The dominance of the Benetton Treviso players is clear, 23 out of 33While the Zebras gave only five athletes to the blue case, confirming the difficult moment for Parma club. Luca Pigi, Matteo Minozzi and Sergio Baresi were absent through injury, while, as mentioned, Carlo was a technical choice.

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Italy – summoned

Pietro Ciccarelli, Danilo Fichte, Ivan Nemer, Tiziano Pasquale, Sherif Traore, Giuseppe Zelucci
Ipalahmi Viva, Gianmarco Lucchesi, Giacomo Nicotera
second line:
Nicolo Cannon, Marco Fuser, Federico Rosa, David Cisse
Third line:
Toa Halafihi, Michele Lamaro, Sebastien Negri, Giovanni Pettinelli, Abraham Stein, Manuel Zuliani
Callum Braly, Alessandro Fusco, Stephen Varney
Opening averages:
Giacomo da Re, Paolo Garbessi, Leonardo Marin
Ignacio Prix, Luca Morisi, Marco Zanon
Pierre Bruno, Montana Ewan, Tommaso Minoncello, Federico Mori, Eduardo Padovani

Photo: Ettore Griffoni – LBS

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