ASM Clermont : Jono Gibbes et la règle des trois cartons

ASM Clermont: Juno Gibbs and the Three Card Rule

A little reminder of the facts is in order. The Argentine’s second streak received their second yellow card last Saturday (after the Bordeaux game) this season in the Top 14. The law states that after that, Lavanini will automatically be suspended from the match.

On Wednesday afternoon, Juno Gibbs wanted, in his own way, to bring up the subject. So, at the time of finishing his intervention, as he rose from his chair, the coach released his interests with a slight smile: “Thomas Lavanini had a good match, wasn’t he? He was energetic, wasn’t he?”

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Will the New Zealand technician moderately appreciate the comments about Puma and his punishment? Did he find the yellow card severe? “Oh yeah! he shouted. I’m not really sure if he’s making the mistake, maybe it’s Christian (Oguvan) more. Then the referee felt we were suffering at the time. There was a succession of faults and he fell on Thomas. Is it a yellow card for a player or a player? Rather for the ASM package?”.

Thomas Lavanini, player on the horizon?

The Claremont coach said with all his “goodness” that he was considering the three-card rule. “I don’t understand the spirit or meaning of this rule. Imagine that after several consecutive mistakes in a scrum, the coach changes one of the columns and this new player drops first and receives a yellow card! A box is considered like any other box with automatic suspension after three; that does not make any sense “.

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Regarding Thomas Lavanini, should we also consider a preferential “treatment” of the arbitral tribunal? Like Jimmy Cudmore in his days, or Rabah Soleimani in a hustle and bustle not so long ago.
Lavanini goal player? “I think so,” Juno Gibbs debunked before returning to the famous three-card rule. “It seems to me that the top 14 spots table is long.

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A player can take a card on the first day of September… and he can take a third card after ten months at the end of the season, which will automatically stop him. is this normal ? Personally, I want to know the meaning of this rule. I’d be interested to get the answer.”

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