Italy: A car parked in the same place for 47 years becomes a local landmark

Italy: A car parked in the same place for 47 years becomes a local landmark

In Congliano, Italy, the car has been parked in one place for more than 47 years, never moving from its position. The car will become a domestic relic.

A real local monument. In Congliano, a town in northeastern Italy, a Lancia has been parked in the same spot for more than 47 years. Its owner, Angelo Frigolant, last parked the car in 1974, in front of the newsstand he ran with his wife, local media reported. Jazzteno.

Angelo Frigolant, now 94, hasn’t moved Lancia Fulvia since. The Italian retiree made good use of his car, but only to store a few things in it.

The car is now a local monument

The car, which is now a tourist attraction, has over the years become a real institution in Conegliano. If the car has not changed its position for more than 47 years, then the car began to contradict the present.

However, Lancia Fulvia had to leave her site due to road works on October 20. Angelo Frigolant agreed to have the vehicle temporarily towed from its parking spot on the condition that it would not be treated as a “wreck”. Having become an icon of the city, the retiree’s car will also be restored and displayed in the Italian city: “I would be glad to see it displayed as it deserves,” the 94-year-old rejoiced with satisfaction. the fate of his car.

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