It couldn't be more annoying: Marvel director destroys 'Free Guy' - even more than Ryan Reynolds - Kino News

It couldn’t be more annoying: Marvel director destroys ‘Free Guy’ – even more than Ryan Reynolds – Kino News

Even if FILMSTARTS editor Pascal isn’t a fan of Ryan Reynolds, another “Free Guy” star annoys him even more: Thor 3 director Taika Waititi gave perhaps the worst performance of the year.

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Anyone who knows me knows I can’t do much with Ryan Reynolds. It is not a basic hatred that I have for a man. Instead, I think Ryan Reynolds has moved into his comfort zone since “Deadpool” where, whenever the camera is pointed at him, he just spins on his own axis: If you see Reynolds these days, you also see Deadpool.

It seems there is no longer room to represent challenges in Ryan Reynolds’ artistic claim. This now also applies to “Free Guy,” where Reynolds is once again allowed to lead the “Deadpool” track. Not quite as violent, but armed with the annoying attitude to comment on everything with apparent self-irony. A scam that has long drained me, but the success proves him right.

Ryan Reynolds Isn’t The Problem With ‘Free Guy’

Most surprising to me was the fact that Ryan Reynolds isn’t the main problem with “Free Guy.” Much worse is the appearance of the director of “Thor 3” Taika Waititi, who has the ability here to deliver the worst performance of the year. The highly talented player from New Zealand sneaks into the role of malicious video game publisher Antoine – and constantly mistreats the public’s nerves.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds), one of the characters in his online game “Free City”, does not deal with Antoine (Taika Waititi) until the last third, when he more and more tries to shut down the game’s servers. to eliminate the man. But with his debut already, it’s clear that this walking clothes rack with Cole’s turmoil will usurp every sight—and in the most disturbing way possible.

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This is how Antoine (Taika Waititi) has a normal conversation…

From the start, it’s not clear how Antoine’s character should actually work. Like a mix of male Cruella and Mark Zuckerberg on Coke, Taika Waititi writhes in a ruthlessly grueling ADHD manner Oversize clothes through the movie and acts as a dictator to put an end to the man played by Ryan Reynolds. It’s not amusing, it’s just stressful.

The question that kept asking me: what is all of this? Should Antoine do a satirical job and draw attention (allegedly) to the ungodly capitalists on the management floors of any gaming empires? But Taika Waititi doesn’t play his part too cleverly (read: unmasked), but he’s just ape and devoid of any mystery. Stocky and awkward.

Taika Waititi Isn’t the Only Disturbing Thing About ‘Free Guy’

While Taika Waititi definitely annoyed me the most, the Oscar winner wasn’t the only problem I had with Free Guy. Along with Love Screen presenter Sebastian Gerdchiko and FILMSTARTS critic Christoph Petersen, I detail Shawn Levy’s blockbuster fantasy in the new episode of our podcast:

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