Is the hair still in place?  Here you are checking out her hairstyle

Is the hair still in place? Here you are checking out her hairstyle

Duchess Kate (39, Ny-Kate Middleton) learned what it means to be a teacher for the first time this year. Of course, only up to a point – the Duchess is of course still a full-time royal and has an interest in social ventures and charitable campaigns and supports businesses close to her heart. But this year it was Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte (5) and Brenz Lewis (2) Due to the corona pandemic, an unusually large number at home and Mama Kate attempted homeschooling.

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton

Tense? You don’t even know Duchess Kate like that. You can see what’s bothering British women in the video above.

Duchess Kate shows herself in a stylish new old outfit

Duchess Kate: In bobble hat and selfie video: never seen her naturally!

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Now Kate has managed to bring one another together, and at her last digital date, she thanks some of the teachers at Ripon Academy in Morton for their commitment over the past few months. “You play such an important role in it Take care of our children“This is why it’s important to be taken care of, too,” the 39-year-old said enthusiastically. The meeting was organized as part of the Place2Be charity, which is sponsored by Kate. The British have once again given a very special glimpse of their study, which – under the all-green logo – makes the room’s plants look so natural. The mom of trio also revealed her elegant royal blue look – not for the first time.

She was already wearing a stylish tweed costume in 2017 when she opened a dorm for families of sick children. But there is actually a longer story in the dress. The elegant outfit is a remake of the Rebecca Taylor outfit that she first wore in April 2012 and also during her 2014 New Zealand tour. But Kate just can’t seem to feel comfortable with this date. Why are you manipulating her hair there? Isn’t an elegant braid tied tightly?

In the video below you can see Kate struggling with her hairstyle.

Kate Middleton: With a frilly hat, she looks more natural than ever

Nobody can design it Messing – Dozens of websites are bustling with the Internet about the beautiful Duchess’s dress style, and many women want to imitate their looks, and not just in Great Britain. wife Prince William (38) He always sits Skillfully staged. It also means that they have not been overly fabricated. Their nature is the trump card. But recently, beauty has been so simple as never before: With a bobble hat, almost no makeup and messy hair, I made a selfie style video in the middle of a field. Couldn’t be more natural!

Fans must love this shot – but they love the Duchess in every look. Check out the video below for a rare selfie video.

Duchess Kate: New date – and she looks extraordinarily nervous

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