Is it possible to outsmart slots at Wazamba casino?

With the creation of slots, the first attempts of players to outsmart them began to be recorded. To this day, some gamblers continue to come up with all sorts of ways to get even a minimal advantage over slot machines. But is there any special system for winning at Wazamba casino? We can confidently say no, unless the game has some defect that the manufacturer has allowed during its development. And on the Wazamba website, there are licensed and high-quality games, which eliminates the risk that something does not work correctly in them. Nevertheless, you might be interested to know how people have almost managed to outsmart slots in offline and online gaming halls.


Manipulations with magnets were used by the very first gamblers. They believed that if you put a large magnet to a mechanical slot machine, it would change the result of the spin. But even then, such methods were not working methods. Of course, such a method cannot be considered in the context of online slot machines on the Wazamba casino website. However, is offline, i.e. “real” gambling entertainment still popular? Is it possible to influence them with the help of magnets? Various studies have been conducted, during which it has been one hundred percent proven that they do not change the algorithm of slots at all, therefore, it is impossible to change the spin in any way with their help.


At Wazamba casino, financial settlements are carried out online using various methods (bank cards, electronic money, cryptocurrency). Therefore, the user does not need to directly throw a coin into the slot to start spinning the reels. At the same time, manipulations with the help of coins can probably be called the most popular. But, as you can probably guess, they all turned out to be ineffective. For example:

  • Cropped coins. Slot machines in the past used light sensors to accept and pay cash, which gave scammers a small opportunity. They cut off a small piece of coin and inserted it into the slot machine at the same time as an object of exactly the same size and shape (like a whole coin). The cut coin would be returned, but the item would remain inside, leading to the start of the game.
  • Counterfeit coins. In ancient times, slots used the weight of a coin to calculate the value of a coin. This led to a lot of fraud involving counterfeit coins that weighed as much as the real thing. Many have probably been able to get away with using this method, but many have been caught and punished.
  • A coin on a string. From the name of this method, you can already guess how it works. It is a regular rope with a coin at the end. The coin is inserted into the slot machine, climbed on it to accept and start the spin.

Then the coin is taken out again – you just need to pull the rope. This method allowed playing all day without using real money.

Metal rod

The bent metal rod to which the guitar string was attached was also used to affect the slot machine. It was inserted into the device and rotated until the coin acceptance mechanism registered the deposit of the coin. The method was also quite popular, but, of course, its use was very risky, as well as all other manipulations.

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Is it possible to outwit modern slot machines, for example, on the Wazamba casino website? The answer to this question is a resounding no. All slots are made by licensed and trusted developers. The entertainment is then tested by independent organizations and various laboratories. The slot machines that Wazamba casino puts on its website are tested and have no defects. Even if there is a program code (of course, which is also theoretically impossible), a person will not be able to know the result of spin in advance. The fact is that a random number generator is responsible for the result, and it is simply impossible to trace the algorithm of which is simply not possible.


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