Ireland wins again in New Zealand

Mary Mahe, Media 365, Posted on Saturday 16th July 2022 at 11:20 AM.

Ireland posted their second win in New Zealand (32-22) on Saturday on their country tour. New use of the fifteen clubs.

Another achievement for Ireland. On Saturday morning, on the Wellington side, the rugby team won again in New Zealand (32-22). The Irish were able to achieve their victory, while showing great control, from start to finish. This is their second consecutive home win over these same All Blacks. Thus, Ireland won, for the first time in its history, a summer tour of New Zealand. As for them, the All Blacks have not lost two consecutive meetings at home against a European formation, since 1994, when France achieved this feat, during a tour. This double exploitation of Ireland could cost New Zealand coach Ian Foster his place, who now finds himself more threatened than ever. To achieve its victory, Ireland remarkably managed to score at least four attempts, compared to only three for New Zealand.

Sexton makes history

The win almost earned from the first half, since his return to the locker room, the Irish are already leading 22-3, in the first period clearly one-sided. In contrast, the All Blacks never really showed up in their match, facing the green attack waves. On the other hand, the locals woke up after the break, with 19 out of 22 points scored at that time, in particular, three attempts were scored in just sixteen minutes of play. But finally waking up too late, especially since Ireland, during the same second period, also managed to score ten more. Johnny Sexton, now 37, played a big role in this newfound success, even with the 1,000-point bar officially crossed for selection. Another result of this real feat, on Monday, Ireland will also officially take first place in the world rankings.

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