Invisible Recordings with Prince Philip (99)!  We don’t even know a queen like that

Invisible Recordings with Prince Philip (99)! We don’t even know a queen like that

It is difficult to imagine any painful loss Queen Elizabeth II. (94) He must adapt to these days. On Friday, April 9th, the Prime Minister British Kings Forever from her husband Prinze Philip (99) Say goodbye. It has been for over seven decades Strength and support In your life. Now all that’s left is memory.

Queen Elizabeth II: Invisible Records with Prince Philip (99)!  We don't even know a queen like that

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Queen Elizabeth II: Invisible Records with Prince Philip (99)! We don’t even know a queen like that

Prince Philip (99): The Queen mourns for her beloved husband

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Several news channels also share photos and recordings in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh on social networks. In the process, special previously invisible recordings appeared that are supposed to surprise aristocratic fans. Because we’ve never seen her Queen and Philip in private!

Prince Philip (99): Great Britain mourns: emotional portraits from London

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Together, they went hand in hand through all the ups and downs of 73 years. Philip was more than just a companion of Prince Elizabeth, he was her rock.

Prince Philip sprinkles in the pool

A special video uploaded to ITV News Royals on Instagram, captured during Elizabeth’s Commonwealth Tour in New Zealand in 1953. It shows how Prince Philip is happily strewn in the pool of New Zealand Governor General Sir Willoughby Nuri, even rolling back from his air mattress to water. 10-year-old Sarah Stephenson, the ruler’s daughter, is clearly enjoying and letting the royal visit drag it across the pool on the mattress.

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It’s hard to believe these recordings were made around Christmas. But with the temperatures in New Zealand, the refreshing calm is a perfect fit at this time of year.

Queen Elizabeth captured many memories on her camera

The video also shows Queen Elizabeth II, who was crowned queen just six months ago. From the edge of the pool, the 27-year-old captured more memories with her beloved movie camera. The movie set was her constant travel companion. A must for a lot over the years Recordings To which the Queen can look at her happy and carefree times with her Philip.

Great Britain also mourns Prince Philip publicly. You can see in the video below the emotional photos created.

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