Invasion of the Capitol: These untraceable text messages that could change everything

Invasion of the Capitol: These untraceable text messages that could change everything

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Text messages exchanged by members of the Presidential Protection Service on the day of the Capitol invasion have been erased, a watchdog charges. They can help to better understand what happened on that day, January 2021 (archive photo from March 2016 showing Donald Trump being looked after by members of the Secret Service).

United State – Secret Servicespecifically responsible for protecting the President of the United States, erased text messages from several agents sent in a day Assault on Congress In Washington on January 6, 2021 before Donald Trump supportersAccording to a regulatory body.

Joseph Kaffari, inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security, noted in a letter published Thursday, July 14 to congressional leaders, that he had difficulty obtaining statements from the Department of Homeland Security. Secret Service It dates back to January 5 and 6, 2021.

Possible explanations for Donald Trump’s position

These messages can be crucial to you Investigations have been conducted by the House of Representatives and the Department of Justice to determine whether the former Republican president and his close advisers encouraged the deadly attack on the Capitol, in an attempt to Victory Certificate Ban for Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the November 2020 ballot.

agents Secret Service That day was with and with Donald Trump Vice President Mike Pencewho was hiding in the Capitol after pro-Trump activists called for him to be hanged.

A former White House employee testified on June 29 to the House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry that Donald Trump tried to coerce her Secret Service To take him to Congress to join his supporters.

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“The Ministry informed us that many messages from Secret Service United States (United States Secret ServiceUSSS), dated January 5 and 6, 2021, as part of the Device Replacement Program,” Joseph Kovari wrote in his letter, revealed before Intercept.

Simple technical maintenance?

USSS deleted these text messages after OIG (Office of the Inspector GeneralEditor’s note) requesting electronic communications records” to review the events of January 6, he continued. In addition, he said, the department was slow to deliver other documents requested by the IGO.

spokesperson Secret Service In a statement, Anthony Guglielmi denied Joseph Kovari’s accusations, saying the officers’ phones had been reset as part of a planned replacement program that began before the IGO’s application was submitted six weeks after the assault.

“The Secret Service (Office of the Inspector General , Editor’s note) Loss of data from some phones but he assured the IGO that none of the text messages he was looking for were lost during this relay.”

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